Ghost Boy at the Palmer House!! (Haunting Season)

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23 thoughts on “Ghost Boy at the Palmer House!! (Haunting Season)”

  1. I'm staying at the Palmer House again next weekend. I came across this video and had to share by experience. Last time I was there, I was on an investigation sitting cross legged on the floor in the playroom. I felt a kid sit on my lap. It was cold and I could feel pressure. I could tell it was a boy and could feel everything he felt. He was sad. I ended up crying and had to be taken out of the room. I hope he is still there next weekend so I can say hi to him again.

  2. I went to the palmer house last year and it was alright. Didn't see any ghost activity besides when we were given the basement tour where we talked to the ghosts with flashlights.

    (Also, the food there is fricken amazing. If you plan on spending the night, I recommend eating there)

    But living in MN all in itself is spooky imo. The fricken apartment I'm living in is haunted and it's just wonderful

  3. I'm sorry. I'm in my late 50s. I'm , and experienced enough to have earned a healthy skepticism in the vast majority of these"investigations. In fact, in younger years, I found the entertainment value and rush of such hunts to be fun, giddy and often worth watching and occasionally attending. If it weren't for my, my wife, and dog's personal blatant disturbances in our house day and night, I never would've taken these "hunts" the least seriously. Unfortunately (for me, anyway,) I've found every single paranormal investigation group, team or club to be an extension of mostly youthful mental masturbation, pursuing a large ejaculation from the adrenal gland. As such. I got a half a minute into this video, and hearing that all-too-familiar Valley Girl (movie) talk, pitch and incessant UP-talking {?) and like I KNEW?.. like I this was a girl?.. who's been to like, too many parties? So like, I think I'll move on in my frustrating search for legitimate scientific paranormal studies. Mind expansion, and real, not so cheap buzzes and thrills.. But good luck, and success or not, continue to above all, enjoy this stuff(!) while you're young, before you become an old, jaded skeptic sob like me.

  4. My partner and I, and Sister and her husband stayed there. And ALOT of scary stuff happened to us( NO BULL SHT)!! My Partner (who has to wear prescription glasses ALL the TIME, came down those creepy stairs WITHOUT his glasses, and didn't fall. When we saw his face, it LITERALLY was NOT him. this was around 2 am or 3 ish in the a.m. He grabbed my hand forcefully(which he NEVER does) and says to me in perfect English,( as he is Hispanic with a thick accent) "Don't you EVER Leave me in that room alone".  He almost bruised my wrist, as he was very forceful. When my Sister, and I, and her husband investigated the children's playroom(VERY CREEPY ROOM), you get this vibe that more than one child is watching you. My Sister, and her husband stayed in Lucy's Room, was very creepy in there. She says that many times during the night/morning, the tub/shower was running, then it would stop, then she says she saw wet foot prints on the bathroom floor. So much to write, but I am at work, on break. But I will continue later on.

  5. 7:18 I hear the voice saying, "Hi. Hiiii. Hi. (Or Hello) Who are you? (Or How are you) Who is this?" 
    The two questions are asked pretty quickly….. Anyone else hear it, or am I just insane? 🙂 
    The words in parenthesis are what the statements also could be, btw.

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