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  1. interesting they dint want people to know the hotel was haunted…and guess in sense, dont want to scare away potential visitors….but….I know there is places where their selling point and attraction to get people staying there is that it is haunted, and people visit these places to rent rooms to either see if it is haunted, or just want to experience things themselves….and if this place is haunted, and in the day in age, they really will find it hard to keep it on the hush….everyone who stays there, that experiences something will take to social media and to their friends, telling them of their experiences there. Some people love to visit hotels that have haunted rooms for the experience. Will it scare folks off? yes, could, but also attract people…and some people wouldnt care. I would like to know if a place is haunted, that way if am there, I know if I experienced something I can say to myself, "Of course, place is haunted." rather then thinking I'm going nuts and imagining things.

  2. Frank dude you always get some of the best footage! Your videos are put together very well! I share your stuff and I think the face you caught at the cemetery that was peeking from the crypt was one of the creepiest things Iโ€™ve watched. Frank I think you should keep a legal knife on you and some peeper spray just in case. There are animals, drug addicts and homeless people you can run into. But besides that keep up the good work and Iโ€™ll keep watching and sharing your footage!

  3. Right around 27:17 just over your left shoulder something/someone moves left to right through the 2 lights behind you. I also thought I heard 3 on box when you asked about spirits in the room.
    You should of set up night vision camera while sleeping!!! That would have been interesting to see if you'd catch anything. Awesome video…gorgeous location!! Thanks for sharing your adventures!! โ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘

  4. OMG am watching this paranormal show and there talking about this hotel,,, OMG ITS SO HAUNTED and your al9ne, stop it you make me nervous, love it, Paranormal caught on tape TRAVEL Channel

  5. AMAZING! Go to 27:12
    Just off Frank's left shoulder. Crack of light through the door. You will see a woman walk from center doors,
    to all the way off camera right. I've watched it over and over, and the detail of light and shadow,
    specific to that room and distance would be very difficult to pull off.
    Congratulation, Frank! By Jove! You've done it again!

  6. Frank whilst you were standing on the top of the stairs at 10:38/9 as you pan down an mist/form floats upwards towards you moves off towards the right .. literally couple seconds.. donโ€™t blink as you watch it.. you will miss it but sure itโ€™s there๐Ÿ‘ป

  7. Hi franko , you are correct, a very very beautiful place, they don't make building like that anymore, I'm not sure i may be wrong, but Omar spent some time there, thanks so much would love to visit places like this, so beautiful, and its so well looked after, and they should let you advertise the place is haunted, it would make money

  8. Fantastic shows FRANKO…Love all your spooky Adventures….Best wishes from Bonny SCOTLAND…Wish you could come to Scotland We have loads of Spooky Places to Explore…..Big Hugs xxx

  9. New subscriber. Your content and editing is the best Iโ€™ve seen to this point , and Iโ€™ll definitely be looking forward to more. St Augustine, been there, had my most memorable paranormal experience at the Lighthouse. Have you been there? Maybe a nighttime exploration is in order some time.

  10. Im not a skeptic to the point of not believing hard evidence but ghost boxes literally just scan radio frequencies, those odd words are it connecting to a radio randomly. When both the spirit box and radio connect but don't sync properly you get one word or maybe more that we hear, you can literally turn it on stand there and random yes and no's are said as they are the things most used over radio as well as common verbs/directions like walk or left or sit.
    Shadows in the corner though you can't argue with

  11. And for the knocking, you shoud ask like 1 knock you you're a spirit 2 dor daemon. want to hurt people 1 for no, 2 for yes. Just some examples…

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