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  1. Hey PokeAK….I totally get what you're saying but wouldn't it best to just set up you're reservations? You can always cancel. I have to travel at the last minute often so truly I hear what you're saying….but honestly getting your reservations now I believe is best….just in case. BTW…love your vids especially the AhHoc ones. 😀👍

  2. I already reserved my flight and hotel, I got insurance on the plane ticket so I can refund if I don't get picked and I don't have to pay for the room until I arrive. I hope I get picked though.

  3. I think your misunderstanding the email. I could be wrong tho. But my friend got the same email and we now have tickets to go. Once you buy go fest tickets your going to go fest. I'm not sure what your saying

  4. That is so sad, your right they should have drawn the tickets months ago. They gave no one time I'm sorry if you cant go now. They just cant make Go Fest work can they? There needs to be MULTIPLE events going on in different places around USA so everyone is not fighting /flocking to Chicago. Even if they want to keep it in Chicago and suburbs around it we have amazing parks and places to host why not have at least 3 or 4 going during the weekend. Sure not everything can be as fancy as the main Grant Park one but even a few mall events? Like the UK has? Maybe then locals like me could attend..it sucks I am only a half hour away but wont attend, no ticket, no small local events happening around the suburbs. If they really want to make the city a tourist attraction the whole city and area around it should be way more lit then it is. If you dont have special event spawn ticket and are there its still no fun.

  5. Also I know smaller Youtubers (only a few hundred subs), who are not sponsored by Niantic, who applied for media passes last year and got free tickets with their media credentials. Any chance you can qualify for this?

  6. Dude, if you get picked say in a week, you can look into a greyhound which will be alot cheaper, yeah its longer to get here yeah but it's a solution to your issue also there are hotels on the outskirts the city lome by o'hare airport where you can get a motel 6 room for like 70 bucks and take the train dowtown for less them 5 bucks…you can get here and stay in a place for under 200 bucks…there are ways to come here if you get picked later…also I live in Chicago… and I cant get tickets…how much does that suck

  7. I think the event should have been two weeks and the tickets should have been an in so purchase and one per account. That is non transferable. Also, I do agree this should have announced months ago and allowed us to purchase tickets a long time ago

  8. I did not know you have to be draw to buy tickets. That is mental for the people that want to go and now niantic cant get the money and support by the people that are giving them a lively hood

  9. Bro I booked my hotel and flight they day they announce go fest.. they decided to wait a whole damn month to let people know “good luck on getting tickets “. Outrages

  10. niantic is so dumb for doing it this way. how are you going to let scalpers get in the way of people coming to play pokemon?? go fest is for the fans and players of pokemon go, its a disgrace that niantic is letting scalpers ruin the experience for true fans of pokemon (go). its also unfair that other "bigger" youtubers already know they're going. screw that, sorry i cant afford to drop everything in my life and record pokemon go videos as free promotion for the game..ive loved and played pokemon for 18 years and whoever is running the show at niantic needs to get fired because this is ridiculous.

    ok end rant, sorry that was alot lol

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