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16 thoughts on “Go Wild Las Vegas | TRAVEL VLOG”

  1. This seems like so much fun but I have a feeling I’d need a few breaks and hate myself for taking breaks from the fun. It does make me smile looking for others I know through your videos, thought I saw my planner twin and backed up for a second look but it wasn’t her.

  2. You were in the paradise tower too!! I was on 18 and I had a great view of the airport and the pools… I totally slept thru the concert on Thursday night though. I have a small spot for memories and I have the photos for when I ran into you and Erin and Cindy!! Never had the chance to meet up with Laken though. Maybe next time! I’m definitely looking for those milkshakes next time I’m in Vegas!!! Holy ice cream shake!!!

  3. I love seeing this from your first time perspective!

    Mostly, I’m just jealous how you kept up with your memory keeping notebook!

    Also, why am I so awkward. I hate my voice! Lol

  4. Go Wild looks like so much fun! I hope to go someday. I had a ticket for Nashville, but severe anxiety got the better of me and I backed out. Everyone seems so nice and friendly, I’m not sure what I was so scared of.

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