GOING BAD! Meek Mill Claims He Was Kicked Out Of A Las Vegas Hotel For No Legit Reason

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31 thoughts on “GOING BAD! Meek Mill Claims He Was Kicked Out Of A Las Vegas Hotel For No Legit Reason”

  1. Stop going where you’re unwanted or not tolerated and start going where you are celebrated. It’s 2019 why are your rappers and other successful black people still trying to assimilate instead of using their resources and buying their own entities, hotels, etc??

  2. 🔥🔥🔥 i hear your point Taliaferro. but there is one thing you are overlooking…that is, if we start just walking away from public places and establishments, we are allowing these people to slide us right back into a new jim crow and segregation era. you're talking without fully thinking TBH with you. maybe you don't want to enter these places, but what about those of our color that do? if you start allowing small things to to take place before you know it, laws will start to come into place that will make us second class citizens and we will not be allowed in many places just because we are so easy to allow ourselves to be inferior. black people of the new gen, which i'm also apart of to some degree because i'm 35 years old. but history has taught us about what our people have all gone through. and how we had to fight to change things so we could go any and everywhere. but the new gen have been dropping out of school or just not going and failing academically more than any other race, so that's why we have gotten so comfortable with the freedom we have been born into that we are slowly but surely starting to make white supremacist and segregationist to be able to slide in a new era of laws that will eventually take our rights away. we are doing it to ourselves. not all of us of course. but the ones i described that are ignorant whether they want to admit it or not. but because it's now so many of our people…we are becoming weak again. think about the school that recently took a class of black children in the south to a plantation and had them all picking cotton. they lied to the kids parents or deceived them (because they felt they could) and told the parents it was going to be a field trip. that was exercise and a test to see if we were so stupid enough to go for it. and it proved successful. some parents complained about it…but the incident has already been swept under the rug. but only to the public. but the point is the test was successful and we didn't unite than to fight it or demand action to be taken. now think of even the gucci boycott…blatant racism no matter how you look at it. it was also black history month. yet we showed ignorance and disunity once again there, because we fought among each other about participating in it. and the celebs that fought us on it, just think about it for a second…they were all our celebs that are not so bright our successful in school. so they were perfect for going against us, because they were young and street taught. so because they were not among our intelligent people but happened to make it due to talent…they can say what they want, but skipping and failing in school is probably why they don't know our history. so they didn't think about the importance of banding together. and grew to not even feel concerned. they are living a life of money and fame at young ages and don't know the importance of why we must not allow certain things at all. gang members and criminals have infiltrated our culture sooo much, that they are destroying our children right out the gate. meanwhile they are turning a blind eye to us failing more than any other race of people. now if we don't take our history seriously or even truly know about it…we are destined to slip back into the past. but it will be more severe than before, because of the opposition's passion to place us there. so much so that, they are on top of their children to stay in school and advance, while our kids are just running a muck. the opposition is making sure their children take advantage of advancements in technology in all fields, while we are sitting back worrying about things that don't help us as a people. we refuse to vote. and our celebs tell our kids they're stupid to think their vote matters or even counts. meanwhile the opposition is not allowing themselves to think that way. even if they think that voting is corrupt. they still will not relinquish their rights. they would rather investigate and make sure they clean that up before they sit back idle as the government does whatever it wants. where as the majority have decided not to vote. and even tell us we are stupid to vote. like they totally are unaware, or conveniently forgot about what our forefathers went through so that we could vote. but yet, we all complain about trump now. when obama won both terms, we came out in droves. and we made the opposition pissed when we got together and put someone that looks like us in the white house twice. it showed our potential and it pissed them off to think, that they could lose their grip. they all sat back upset for 8 years until they had their new opportunity. and they made sure it wasn't going to happen again. david duke 9if you don;'t know that name…then that is even worse and more of the problem. so google him if you care) went on radio and told his listeners, that it was their duty to their ancestors to vote and help trump any way they could. and encouraged them to go out support and recruit voters to get trump in office. and all the while…our celebs were discouraging voting among our youth. now we are dealing with a spike in hate crimes and lynchings all over again that continue to get swept under the rug. meanwhile we are picking off our own soldiers in record breaking #s while our rappers glorify crime, (volunteering to be incarcerated and separated from our children) drug use (staying high every day and not finishing school or advancing). i know you won't care or read this message because all you do is want to chill and rub elbows with the exact people that could care less about the state of our race as opposed to getting a bag for themselves. because you think it's winning and people like me are hating. but if you really take a look around you for real…you should be able to see exactly what i mean. the opposition is doing the (BirdMan hand rub and watching us also)! 🤦🏽‍♂️✊🏽

  3. I stayed at the Comso in Vegas. They are Racist. I was in the v.i.p. line for there roof top club. I was asked three times was i a guest of the Hotel. I said yes three times. Fake ass secret service….i was the only nigga. Wont stay there again.

  4. Kkkkk Nicki wasn’t there she is the biggest fish he should mention her name u know use ur X password sometimes ok meek Safari uses all the time n we know nicki she cares n loyal friend

  5. But listen tho, u know why they don't u in there. if they don't want u in their shit. Fukem. Why worry, just leave. U know these mufukas will find a reason to snatch yo ass up. Go build ur own business and u will have no problems.

  6. Sometimes these establishments don’t want rappers because they are discriminating n feed into the negative stereotype of rappers kill n fight everywhere they go

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