Gordon Ramsay Finds DRIED BLOOD On His Bed Sheet | Hotel Hell

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27 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay Finds DRIED BLOOD On His Bed Sheet | Hotel Hell”

  1. "tragedy"….come the fuck on, you're really going to leave it to our imaginations? I'm going to assume there was another sibling, that got high on bath salts, and raped and ate a some family, before killing himself..

  2. I had to stay on an apartment for four days and there was a HUGE stain of dried blood on the PILLOW, hair and a frikin abandoned TOOTHBRUSH on the shower sink thingy where the water goes down, SHOES on the closet, the PLATES were COMPLETELY COVERED with MOLD. And when I first came in I legit say a 3cm cockroach (ITS HUGE). No TV worked, and the air conditioning was leaking water. EVERY SINGLE handle was covered with mold, every corner had mold and I had to stay there with my family (my 1yr baby’s brother, 3yr baby sister, mom, dad and grandma), we originally had to stay there for *2 MONTHS!*. Thank GOD we moved to an apartment gorgeous apartment and to celebrate my dads bday we are going to a 5star apartment all included for a week. I never want to visit that DUMP anymore. I wish I could post photos to show you how PUTRID that apartment was.

    1 like = one speck of dust to be cleaned on that apartment

  3. "dried blood"
    3 things that could have happened for it to get like that, 1. Period blood stain
    2. Someone was killed or hurt
    3. Someone lost their Virginity and bleed on the bed as they fucked

  4. Gordon, blood stains are hard to get out. We should appreciate our advances in the 21st century. I was watching "Gunsmoke" last week and the hotel clerk bragged that bed sheets were cleaned once a week. This was considered a plus for a hotel in the 1870s.

  5. I once stayed at a motel where the floor what’s slanted, bugs in the bathroom and blood on the pillow case, it was disgusting

    Worst of all I had to stay there the night before Halloween

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