Graham Stephan Says: The BIGGEST PROBLEM with renting your home on Airbnb. MY RESPONSE

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17 thoughts on “Graham Stephan Says: The BIGGEST PROBLEM with renting your home on Airbnb. MY RESPONSE”

  1. There will always be nitpickers and naysayers. Sean is an energetic risk-taking problem solver rock star who encountered an opportunity and ran with it. How many people are sitting around in going-nowhere jobs for years (swimming in credit card debt) waiting for someone else to tell them what to do? Any landlord who has tried to evict a non-paying tenant who knows how to play the system understands what Sean is saying with respect to that topic.

  2. Never heard of Graham Stephen before. I actually think Graham made some great warning points for the starry eyed person ready to jump into STR thinking that AirBnB is EASY MONEY. He even listed one point that is a huge detail and has been a mantra for us while looking for the next home to buy to STR. We have a whole house (oops, against your concepts) we bought to STR a year ago and it is a lot of work compared to LTR. We would like to enter the rental arb mkt you are are kickin' it in but still less sure of how to pitch it. Just subscribed to Grahams videos. ty. This time I will say you are a bit harsh on your review of Graham's video and you know that I am a solid follower of your channel here. Have a fantastic 2019 and keep your awesome videos coming! thanks again!

  3. Sean, all valid rebutals to Graham. I think Graham brought up some great points to be aware of such as people buying properties were the CAP rate wouldn't make sense with a standard renter as well as the realities of Airbnb being a platform that can change. Many people lost out on Amazon wholesaling because the platform decided to change it's rules or the inport bans, etc. I don't think it should stop people from profiting from the platform but that is what it is, a platform. Many people make tons of money and can do well, especially early adopters, but many people also do not like the uncertainty and would prefer to get off the platform to more reliable investments. I think you both make great points and they've helped me to create my own ideas on how my business and exit stategy will be.

  4. Hey man. Great video and great points – I watched the entire video. I don't disagree with anything you say and you're going about it in a great way. You're definitely in a very, very good cashflow business – although from my perspective, that business continues to rely on running the team / business, renewing leases from landlords, and continuing to find more properties as a few inevitably cycle out / sell / etc – my biggest concern would be long term sustainability. That's not to say you can't run this smoothly for many years – and you're in such a cash flow positive position with such little risk if anything were to happen. But at a certain point, isn't the end goal to scale up large enough – and eventually make the exit to something perhaps a little more stable? I just subscribed as well! 🙂

  5. I think competition on Airbnb is that hight that if you rent something for a 1000 usd a month, plus paying utilities and small repairs about 200 usd, you can't make more than 1400 usd in airbnb revenue these days (best case 50usd*28 days) , so it doesn't worth either renting or buying

  6. Great video and very well explained! Never thought of this! I’ve heard of sub leasing apartments or condos on short term leases to business professionals but not Air BnB like this! Solid info 👌🏾

  7. Great video. I am trying to take it all in as fast as I can. I will have to watch this several more times to get it but I will get it and do my best to copy you LOL!
    Please! Keep these videos coming! Jay

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