Grand Design NAILED this BUNKHOUSE Travel Trailer RV! Reflection 312BHTS

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31 thoughts on “Grand Design NAILED this BUNKHOUSE Travel Trailer RV! Reflection 312BHTS”

  1. Front cap needs a window, I'm no fan of bunks..I want two recliners and a sofa..I don't need a dinette table that eats up way to much space..I hardly sit down to eat at table in my house..two full size beds, recliners, sofa more my needs, space for a big screen TV..65 plus inches

  2. When we were looking for our first camper. This one was high on our list. I really liked the tv set up, because it hides under the counter. We ended up going with the OpenRange OT328BHS. Very happy with the unit so far. It is a heavier unit. but for the price compared to both units the Open range was a little more but we are very happy with our decision.

  3. I agree on the front cap. The paint/decal scheme has gotten very plain, aka cheaper for GD. Loved our storage in our GD but this layout is a bit wonky.
    Taking the "pass thru" out of the Reflection bathrooms actually helped create better use of space.

  4. I love this design by Grand Design however I have a huge fan of the awing and being able to use a large area. With the slide out and having the awing go out over it is a big negative in my book.

  5. Kind of gives you a 5th wheel feeling even though it's only a travel trailer. I don't like the TV so close to the cooking area otherwise Grand Design makes a great product.

  6. This trailer was on our list but got beat out by the open range 312BHS.

    If anyone is considering this rig check out the open range. It’s lighter as well as having a better bunk room layout.

  7. As for for front caps, nobody beats Rockwood Signature / Ultralights in our opinion.
    Reflection used to be more appointed than Rockwood in the past but it is sad to see they have changed that… Twist locks in the outside kitchen door? Seriously?

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