Grand Hotel 1×12 Promo "Dear Santiago" (HD)

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27 thoughts on “Grand Hotel 1×12 Promo "Dear Santiago" (HD)”

  1. Last night was shocking, Mateo killed Theresa
    More secrets about room 606
    Gigi stole from Felix
    Carolina back with her Ex-fiancé
    Yoli trying to ruin her sisters happiness
    Jason has a girlfriend
    Ingrid is jealous, so much secrets

  2. wow….this is getting interesting….but i am so glad Alicia and Danny are understanding one another now…and i hope they work together! because Sky and their mom are def linked together.

  3. I feel like her mum was mentally unstable BUT she wasnt always like tht so maybe santiago triggered it and idk how skye is invovled maybe she saw everything

  4. I feel like sky found the tapes of beactricw and blackmail Santagio and gig foe it and then the kidnapped her because of it and Alicia is treating Danny really harass and now she wants him to help her no 2ay and is in dried jealous

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