Grand Hotel..trailer (1932).

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14 thoughts on “Grand Hotel..trailer (1932).”

  1. I actually watch this whole move it to a half hours with a Jungian psychology group at a local college here in Sarasota. Everybody was playing rap tension it was a wonderful movie I'm not really a visual person but I really enjoyed it. It's amazing at this major scene with John Barrymore was not scripted out because the critics did have a problem back then it was a very strict moral code

  2. I vant to be alone… Oh but I digress. I adore this movie. I cannot see it enough. Lionel Barrymore is one of my favorites… And in this movie he shines. Everyone shines in this movie. Even Wallace Beery, whom I have little love for based on what I know about his personal life.

    If you are new to classic movies I would put this on your list but watch it after you know your tastes better… But definitely do not miss it. I feel that "Grand Hotel" is required viewing for all who enjoy movies.

  3. Garbo is sublime. she transcends any opinions about acting that anyone may have
    Crawford is sublime, she has the greatest body of work of any film star
    the movie is an absolute masterpiece, beyond whatever tastes a person my think they have

  4. Some people said that Greta Garbo should win an Oscar for this movie but I saw the movie and in my personal opinion I think Greta Garbo was so overacted and on top of that sometimes she was speaking in sweedish that of course just as sweedish could understand

  5. Saw this years ago, didn't like it except for J Barrymore, but just saw it again. This is really not a bad flick. L Barrymore kind of annoying in the beginning but he and it, all comes together eventually. Very interesting movie.

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