Ground 0 Outbreak Facility! U.S. Threat Air Travel Ban 2019 See What's Not Told

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28 thoughts on “Ground 0 Outbreak Facility! U.S. Threat Air Travel Ban 2019 See What's Not Told”

  1. Yep. Its madness. Sokay. Better to know and live with the anger than not know and get screwed over. Its gonna take a long hard walk to get back from all the crazy. Psychpaths run the system. Theres a lot of good people in the system that are getting overcome by despair and commit suicide. What a waste. They should fight back. Love you all.

  2. I've been trying to tell people for the past 2 years. There was this guy on social media warning folks about a governmental plan to load people onto trains. Having the trains stop before it reached where it was headed. He said there was plans to fill the train with gas and or come chemicals. Killing all people on board.

    He then said the train would continue on to its destination reopened military bases. He said when the train arrived and the military personal and first responders go to help the people on the train, the people would be dead and that it would be blamed on a deadly outbreak. He said it was planned in such a way that a lot of our own military and the public will just assume all these people got real sick.

    Now let's look at what has been reported and what has happened since this guy was frantically warning people.

    1. Old Military Bases have reopened – Check
    2. Tons of Military Personnel have been deployed domestically. – Check, Check.
    3. There has been numerous eye witness accounts of a gas being released on commercial air crafts and people getting extremely sick and having to be quarantined. Check, Check, Check.
    4. They are starting to ramp up the coverage on E bo la. They have been reporting for over a year about terrible measle outbreaks and new deadly STD's. Check, Check, Check, Check.
    5. Officials in California came out recently and unveiled a new device to be used to scan people for weapons when they use the trains and subways. Check, Check, Check, Check,Check!
    6. Agenda 21, 2030 and 2050 is committed to getting us all out of our cars, disarmed and onto public transportation.
    7. MSM has been interviewing an x C-I-A Agent and they've been jamming it down our throat that we are in danger of a chemical attack. Hmmmmmm, what country has been using "Chemical Attack Propaganda" to start wars and sanction other countries????

    Oh that's right… America….. DING! DING, DING…..

    Does it look like we might be being set up???

  3. We have to become adept at reading the subtext to the text: Bill Gates DID say he wanted to de-populate 10% of the world's pop; he means Black and Brown ppl. so that–as the article indicates–will "SAVE more than 8 million children," they mean 8 million western/European children…

  4. Satan wants people to go against their own Conscience. And he is using the whole system even vets to shame you to do vaccines. think on this people.. Are we ready to be the ones standing out, there are few who will be strong enough to do this.

  5. Depopulation in full effect……….. I wouldn't wanna live in the NWO world anyway 👍🤗❗ It is a sad situation anyway you look @ it 😢😢😢 unless you factor in what the " Good Book " sez and draw close to Jeshua/ Jesus/ My Sweet Lord because when he returns to rule a completely brand spanking new Earth guess who will be out of the picture …………. and I say " good riddance " you thief, killer & destroyer 👍🤗❗

  6. Many people don't understand that they have planned everything we see going on for over 100 years. They are moving this country & the rest of the world into their New World Order. Keep in mind that their goal was to always reduce the population of the world from 8 billion to 500,000,000. Bill Gates even stated in one of his lectures that he finds the best way to reduce the population is through his vaccines that he loves to create. You can even read this on the Georgia Guidestones that are standing right outside of Atlanta. It was created in the 70's. Also, what many people don't understand is that they will achieve this new world order unless the entire country wakes up.If that happens then we can slow it down for some time but at the end of the day they will get it. I have been researching this stuff for over 4 years now and have come to understand that this is a spiritual battle not physical. The only reason they are moving this country into their new world order is to bring about the rise of the antichrist. For now, with Trump being in office it has slowed things down a little bit but not by much. Same goes for global warming/climate change. This is disguised as a weather-human tragedy to end civilization. But it's really about the pope calling for the world to make sunday worship a law. He has been talking about it in his speeches as well as the new world order. This is why people have to understand that this is a spiritual battle. The pope will be at the right hand of the antichrist. This was all told in the Bible thousands of years ago. Which is why we are living in the last days. Their(the elite's) agenda isn't called agenda 2030 for nothing.This entire country needs to wake up because a small few won't work.

  7. They are giving measles shots to everyone at indy 500 America is fucked and so is the rest of the world the clock is winding down its like we just got the ball on the 10 yard line and we have to go 90 yards to score with 1:30 left on the clock with no time outs we need some real players to step up and win the game are a champ like me and ready to fight with your life to win or are you a chump like most and sitting on the sideline hoping someone will make the big play its time for a hail marry if your down say so

  8. Hey,Steve, did you hear that those people who have Ebola have apparently "vanished" from the ICE facility where they were being detained? I find that VERY hard to believe as these places are very well-guarded,not to mention all of the big-brother spy cameras they probably have up everywhere. Want to take a guess as to which direction they disappeared in,North or South, back into Mexico???????

  9. Ebola. Looks like measles at first. A naval nurse was diagnosed with mumps, even though they had up to date vaccines due to military. Reports of money possibly infected to force online banking. A US based airline has added daily flights in and out of the middle of the outbreak. Are they doing the forced vaccines to keep the public from panicking, if they knew it was an experimental vaccine for Ebola? It is in our country, not from illegals but from returning servicemen from Africa.

  10. Florida Marquis is doing a great job of keeping track of this. Ebola doesn’t present symptoms after a year of contraction. Also I remember seeing videos of Africans at the border of Mexico. It may be a coincidence but it’s starting to add up.

  11. My grandbaby got a fever and rash from the vaccine, then my daughter got it then I got it. I have been vaccinated as has my daughter. Are they giving an "overdose" of a new measles vac? Hmm…

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