Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure | Early Entry | Cowfish | Orlando, Florida | Sept 2019

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26 thoughts on “Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure | Early Entry | Cowfish | Orlando, Florida | Sept 2019”

  1. We can’t decide which is better, Hagrids or FoP, either way, they have smashed it with that ride, sooo good. Those burgers in CowFish looked amazing, we’ve never eaten there before but may need to give it a try next month. Yet another great vlog 😃

  2. What a great day it looked so quiet there that day, glad you got to do Hagrid’s without too long a wait. I got picked on so many times last year in Kong by the scare actors scared the life out of me but so funny.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Those burgers looked ace ‘ducky’ 🤣 Shame about the waitress. Lol
    There is always room for dessert because dessert doesn’t go to the stomach it goes to the heart 😉
    You guys got me cracked up in this vlog. Love you guys.

  4. i love watching your Florida videos because they fun your food reviews. I always tip, here in the UK and when we go to the USA. But if we got the server you had with him being miserable and no interaction, he wouldn't get the full 20% tip from me. 10% maximum. They need to make an effort, they know their wage relies on tips so they need to put the effort in. Anyways enough ranting and keep up the great videos

  5. Jim should have splashed some cash and got a t shirt too, then you would all be matching 😀. The food at cowfish is so good. We are looking forward to riding hagrid's, whenever that might be 😀.

  6. I think a "wise words from Jimmy " section is needed. What a legend x. Loved this as always guys and that burger looked awesome Jim. Oh also how cool was the meet and greet with captain America, love it !!

  7. Yooohoooo my faves!! Glad you got to ride Harrods, we can't wait 54 days for us, its coming round so quickly now!!

    Cowfish looked amazing, love your food recommendations and will try a lot of them when we are there. Also love the twining t shirts, Mr Big Jim you need to get one too!! Totally loved how quiet Diagon Alley was, hope we are as lucky!!

    Lots of love as usual from Isle of Man xxxxx

  8. I’m so glad you guys got to go on Hagrid’s ride, I knew you’d love it – I’ve not heard anyone say anything but great things. Also you were lucky with the weather given the hurricane situation. Great vlog as always, have a fab weekend ♥️ xxx

  9. Love & really your vlogs, you’re such a lovely family, Jimmy is far to cute, we watched your DC vlog and we’re going to DC on Christmas Day we are going to try and get the same seating as you did it looked like the perfect location x

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