Haley Reinhart "Honey There's the Door" Park West, Chicago

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33 thoughts on “Haley Reinhart "Honey There's the Door" Park West, Chicago”

  1. Haley, please be careful about sliding your word pronunciation from one into another. It is becoming hard to understand the lyrics.
    I have loved you from the beginning. Please take this as advice, not criticism.

  2. She encompasses what REAL SINGING used to be. Sure a body of work or album is appreciated but when a singer SINGS live you truly see the talent that they are.

    Haley is such a pure soul. Every inflection of her voice is pure gold! Queen!

  3. Am I the only one who think that Haley's live performances are so much better than the records? On the records, the same stuff sounds a bit too smooth and round while performed live it suddenly starts sounding raw and straight and goes up high to hit the level of true masterpiece.

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