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37 thoughts on “HAMSTER VACATION HOUSE?! Happy the Hamster NEW UPGRADE!”

  1. I think happy is definitely a happy hamster😊❤️ he/she is so lucky to have all that space in his enclosure you’re such a good and dedicated hamster owner✨😘

  2. Hiya! Happy is adorable and I absolutely loveee your videos.
    Just some friendly advice (no hate here), if Happy doesn’t drink out of his water dish and rather gets inside of it, it’s a good idea to remove it as Happy may develop a cold.
    As well as this; hamsters should not be bathed/placed in water as this strips essential oils from their fur they need to stay healthy.
    Love you guys! ♥️

  3. I want a hamster but my mom wont let me get one (my dog might eat it <:o) and if i did get one.. it might have to have a cage not good for it and i dont want a sad hammy..

  4. I suggest not putting the little cage in DIRECT sunlight. It's okay if your hamster doesn't stay in the little cage a lot but it's not good for your hamster. P.S your hammy is adorable! Love the detolf!

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