Handpay Jackpot on Dragon Link Slot Machine at Red Rock Las Vegas

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21 thoughts on “Handpay Jackpot on Dragon Link Slot Machine at Red Rock Las Vegas”

  1. Patreon is kind of a slippery slope. To create value for patreon contributors, it's necessary to give special stuff to them, whether it's access to other videos, swag, etc. That, in general, creates a "feel bad" among the majority of subscribers. And, obviously, tends to have a negative impact on your views, interactions, etc.
    In the gambling arena, many people are dead-set against patreon, although they're more open to it as a charity or when there is a very tangible product. The Shemnue 3 one comes to mind. MIllions of dollars contributed, with a very tangible and long-desired award (eventually) being that the game of all our dreams gets made. Same with some web series. With gambling, it's super, super, hard to make it work without creating a lot of ill will among subscribers.
    It's a gamble. You'll get some money from it, but will it be enough to offset any subscriber loss/sudden adblock installations/etc? Hard to say.

  2. It doesn't matter to me. I don't support any patreon.
    If you're going to show other people getting hand pays, please show the dollar amount, not the credits they won. Not all of us know how to convert credits into dollars.

  3. Pattern I think was intended to provide some income for starving artist types. In my opinion it’s being abused. If you are betting $50 a spin you have no business using Patreon. My 2 cents.

  4. I dislike Patreon, I'm not a fan of most slot channels, one in particular really rubs me the wrong way, but his life revolves around gambling so I guess it benefits him. Great bonuses btw 🙂

  5. Congrats again!  Wishing you guys an early Happy Thanksgiving. I may send you my thoughts and suggestions on patreon in an email. Too lengthy for here. Stay lucky.

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