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  1. Just a couple kids playing with their camera's in the dark.. it almost reminds me when of the kid who gets his first walkie talkie set and he lends one to his buddy next door and they can talk to each other at night.

  2. I heard something like "bloody mary" at the beginning of that prayer like sound, I also heard the whisper!! Spirits could manipulate audio to sound as radio.

  3. Hi 👋 guys yes a spirit box session would be AWSOME can you C.j & Sonny pls go back there some time soon and have a session. Lol you know what I mean 👍🏻💋👁👊🏼love you both your both my favourite U.tubers, just got out of hospital after two weeks 😫

  4. Where do I start on Deep Marsh Road?

    It sounded like it was being played.
    By event to me.
    Like a recording.
    My excellent guess.
    Of what happened, on that day, by the story you told us.
    And, Yes.
    Return to Deep Marsh Road.

  5. Shit,shit,shit first I thought it sounded like a radio off a police man ,n then I played it back twice and it does sound like a lil kids voice 😱😱😱
    Like sonny said sounded like a kids prayer!! Wen my grandad died we played Ave Maria at his funeral ,and it sounds like a similar kinda prayer?

    In answer to your bug spray question tho,why dont you borrow Omar's bee keepers outfit 😆😆😆😆😆

  6. dryer sheets work really well. One of my old friends just randomly rubbed me with them one night before fishing and I didn't get bit except for my ankles where she didn't rub the dryer sheets.

  7. Hi cj i have a bug repellent that you drink, seriously TONIC WATER make sure it has quinen in it but most do cj, i drink it every day summer time and dont get bitten, drink a litre bottle of day the quinen is toxic to mosquitos and they wont go near the smell, IT WORKS TRUST ME CJ, GOOD LUCK XX

  8. So what you're hearing at 11:54, is a prayer that that little Bear is saying. It's the " now I lay me down to sleep" prayer. I bought that exact bear for my son when he was born to put in his crib and it says that prayer when you squeeze its hand. That's what you heard.

  9. Hmmmm, Skin so soft is mainly used to repel flies. Not Mosquitos. But, I advise you plant Rosemarry and catnip. Mix them with some Fresh Rosemarry, Catnip, common Sage, and thyme , fresh mint, lavender, Bring the fresh herbs to a boil in 2 cups water and 1/2 cup white vingear. Add lavender flowers, 1 spoon aloe, and 1 tsp pink himilayian salt. Allow to Streep. Until cooled. Strain and put in a spray bottle.

  10. First of all awesome video lots of eerie sounds for sure at the end of the video when yinz were talking about the Delaware Auto Facebook page a what appeared to be a orb flew over your right shoulder(around 27:14 ish)sledgehammered that like button we watch every video even though we don't always comment

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