Haunted Hotel Room | Ambience | 2 hours

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  1. It was around 11.35 when i noticed it. At first i thought it was fatigue related to the flight in, but after a few moments i realized. My brief case had moved. It was no longer next to the bed, but instead up against the wall. Was i losing my mind? Had i shifted it and forgotten? I entered the bathroom, and splashed water on my face. Wait, what was that noise? I listened for a few seconds and turned off the taps to hear better. The noise was gone. Man, i really needed to get some sleep. I walked back into the room and was astonished. The time read 1:30am. I was sure i had only been in the bathroom for five minutes. What was going on? The lights started to flicker. Great, i thought, i better get into bed before they blow out and i can't see where I'm walking. I climb into bed. Then, just as i am about to fully relax and drift off, it begins………..

  2. The Mayfield Hotel,
    Part One… By; R.S.*

    I drove until the rain fell, tired I stopped by this hotel. It looked empty to me, but as tired as can be, I just paid the fee and followed him into hell.
    The room was a cold as could be, while the wind slowly creaked in.
    I heard a baby cry and asked, How many people besides I?"
    as he dropped my suitcase within.
    He then said with a grin, " You are the only one in that is in."
    I frowned at him, tipped him and then, my story was about to begin.
    For I didn't know you see, that this Hotel is as haunted can be.
    They want your soul so they never have to go and they'll do anything to keep you in.
    I tried to relax, but the sounds were back so I thought I'd investigate therein…
    🔍 Ruby*

  3. "Hotel rooms are just naturally creepy places, don’t you think? I mean, how many people have slept in that bed before you? How many of them were sick? How many were losing their minds? How many were perhaps thinking about reading a few final verses from the Bible in the drawer of the nightstand beside them and then hanging themselves in the closet beside the TV?"

  4. Since you are a new employee at our hotel, here's some tips to help you outlast your first nights:

    1. Do not walk around the hotel by yourself, especially after sundown. Always go in pairs or groups.
    2. Always keep a portable light source and a walkie-talkie on your person.
    3. If you hear random knocking sound, if it doesn't come from a room occupied by any guest, do not check it.
    4. If lamps begin to flicker without reason, vacate the room and do not return until the lights are back in their previous setting.
    5. If you see a white snake roaming any given area that you occupy, ignore it. The white snake is keeping you away from harm.

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