Haylett RV.com – Travel Trailer vs Fifth Wheel Comparison with Josh the RV Nerd

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35 thoughts on “Haylett RV.com – Travel Trailer vs Fifth Wheel Comparison with Josh the RV Nerd”

  1. Great points and after having both types of rigs in the distant past we ended up with a class B plus. The simplest of all designs… smaller yes but we are just 2 small people. No problems backing up, unhitching, or turning. Can park in a normal parking lot or street, great for boondocking.

  2. Thank u for ur Video… it is really useful..
    what do u think I have small family.. we like to travel .. from ur experience is rv better or trailer..

  3. Thanks for the quick reply. It is, however, true that if you purchase a 38-42 ft unit, it is much better as far as towing to have a 5th wheel correct? Travel trailers may not come longer than 38 feet so I may be misinformed.

  4. Looking at purchasing a 5th wheel in the next year or so and would like to know if head room plays any factor in a 5th wheel vs a travel trailer? I know that having plenty of headroom just makes a home feel bigger. Is that true of a 5th wheel coach?

  5. Hmm, my Dutchman 30 ft trailer weighs about 8,100 dry while our new 35 ft Artic Wolf fifthwheel weight about 8,300 dry. Seems to me another 5 feet on the Dutchman would make it heavier than my fifth wheel.

  6. Enjoyed the video, I purchased a fifth wheel mainly for the safe superior towability. Being on the road with crazy traffic was a concern for me, stability and maneuverability is what sold me on it.

  7. Great video. Really struggling with the decision between TT and Fifth Wheel. We have a Heavy Duty 3/4 ton Diesel pickup so can go either way. Looking for a RV no longer than 36 feet with a bedroom slide. Will use on a few long trips out west and annual trips to the south during the winter (lasting a few weeks) and occasional weekend camping. My number one concern is safety and ease of towing. Given the distance of our trips is a fifth wheel the way to go?

  8. Good video josh as always. I'm about 2 year's from thinking about getting a 5th wheel toy huler dry camping . trailer is 10,344 empty 14,000 max. would like to also get a Razer 1000 5 seater. where a family of 6 . what kinda truck would I need to pull live in cal. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

  9. Good video! I think that if a person wants as close to a fifth wheel as you close can get without being a fifth wheel that would be the Jayco Eagle travel TT. I just bought a new F150 and forgot to check the towing weight. I was going to get a hybrid but now I'm getting a pop up. Before I spend 30 to 60 k for TT I need to find out if my wife can handle camping, since she is disabled. Thanks for the video's. Maybe you can do a good video on which TT is best for the Handicapped.

  10. This is exactly the type of comparison I was looking for.  You are very knowledgeable and very well spoken.  Thanks Josh !  I getting ready to retire and trying to choose…. A, C, Trailer, 5th wheel !!  WOW, so much  !!  Thank God for YouTube and people like you !!  I wish I could ask you more questions !!!

  11. Great point about the 5th wheel interior steps. We're going to full-time and were sure we would go with a 5er. After spending several days going in and out of rigs shopping for the right one, we've changed to high end travel trailer. I have back issues and hubby has bad knees. Those couple steps don't seem like much until you think about how often you'll be using that restroom when living in it full-time!

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