Hazbin Hotel Overhyped or Surprise Hit?

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26 thoughts on “Hazbin Hotel Overhyped or Surprise Hit?”

  1. I loved it. I think the sound effect for every little thing is kind of annoying but the comedy was rude, crude, and was damn funny. It's stylized and the characters are distinct and have great chemistry whether good or bad.

    I can't wait for the next episode!

  2. Correction: 4 of the main cast is part of the LBGT community. Charlie is bi, Vaggie is lesbian, Angel is gay, and Alastor is asexual. It's never properly stated in the pilot itself, but it is stated on his wiki page and in the Q&A's hosted by Vivziepop and Ashley Nichols.
    I kept hearing them use the term "ace" for Alastor in one of Ashley's streams and decided to look it up because I honestly had no idea what it meant. Turns out that I'm also an ace. My life suddenly made so much sense.

  3. Personally I loved the pilot! Though I can understand some people’s problems with Angel Dust being to flamboyantly gay I thought he was really funny. The animation was also amazing! Though sometimes appearing a bit choppy and characters proportions being a bit strange (I especially noticed this on Vaggie) I still thought the animation was quite astounding especially with not having a full professional animation team running it. I also thought the LGBT representation was great I thought Charlie and Vaggies relationship was really sweet and I appreciated them not shoving there relationship in the audiences faces by going “ LOOK THEY’RE LESBIANS REMEMBER?” and treating Charlie and Vaggie like a normal couple. So overall I really enjoyed it and can’t wait for what’s new to come in this series!!!

  4. What irks me about this pilot is that Charlie doesn't seem to (or doesn't want to) accept the whole purpose of hell; eternal punishment for those who have transgressed. Sinners are not supposed to enjoy their stay.

  5. gotta love Alastor's sinister look, according to Vivziepop, she will make another episode soon, but for right now she's focusing on Helluva Boss which is a new series based on Hazbin Hotel

  6. Thank you for this! I've watched it and I loved it! I honestly I would love to see more of it! Thank your for reviewing it and everything! By the way I love your character stills they are fricking cute! MY favorite Character is Sir Pentious but that's just cause I have a soft spot for reptiles heh. I also Like all the other characters as well!

  7. I’d really like to share my opinion!
    So, the animation was wonderful. I adored the colour scheme and it was just overall impressive.
    The thing I find most frustrating is the writing. I’d been excited for the show for quite a while, but in all honesty the writing ruined the experience for me. It short, it came across like a mediocre fan fiction script- the edgelord gay pornstar felt massively unrealistic and reminded me of the way a teenage girl yaoi fan would write a gay man.
    So many of the characters felt unrealistic and just stereotypes really- that being said, I loved the character design.

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