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34 thoughts on “HAZBIN HOTEL (PILOT) | REACTION”

  1. she called her that as an insult, the actual orientation of he main character is currently unknown, could be straight/lesbian/bi, or even non-sexual, and regardless of the outcome, I support it.

  2. Angel dust is just a gay dude, not transgendered just to let you know

    Also radio demon’s name is Alastor

    And yes Charlie and Vaggy are a couple canonically

    And for further clarification, the only way people in hell “die” is when the angels come down and exterminate some of the population to help with overcrowding (I’m pretty sure at least). This why Charlie wants to help fix them to get them into heaven instead

  3. Alastor's Singing voice is Black Gryph0n aka Gabriel Brown who is one of the most famous artists from The Brony fandom. He has worked with a lot of different creators on a lot of different projects.

  4. Charlie is bisexual (born in Hell, parents are Lilith and Satan)
    Vaggie is gay (died in 2014 from unknown cause)
    Angel Dust is gay (spider themed demon, died in 1947 of overdose)
    Alastor is asexual (deer themed demon, serial killer/radio show host, died in 1933 from unknown cause)

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