Hazbin Hotel (Pilot) Reaction

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  1. Glad you liked it, dude!
    Notice how charlie's eyes are very different from anyones, except lucifer. And doesnt match the eyes of the female demon in the family picture. So perhaps she was manifested as a daughter of both God and lucifer to redeem sinners. It is also worthwhile to note that when charlie called her mom, it never entered a voicemail or anything, and made a tone that is atypical to that idea.
    Just a theory. Perhaps her mom is God.

  2. Alastor died in 1933, but Tom Trench is the oldest that we know of. A theory is that he died from a gas attack in WW1 in the trenches, hence his mask, and last name. Also, if I remember this right, Alastor was a serial killer, and a radio host in the early 1900s, and it’s theorized that he was shot by a hunter who though he was a deer, hence the antlers on his head. Vaggie died in 2014, the youngest, but it’s not known how. Katie killjoy died in the 1990s, but I can’t remember how she died. Angle dust was one of 3 siblings in a mob family, and either died from a drug overdose, hate crime, or during the second mafia war I think, placing his death in the 1980s, along with cherry bomb, though I don’t believe she had any relations to Angle before death. SirPentious died either in the Great Blizzard of 1888, or on the titanic, moving to the US to earn more recognition for his inventions.

  3. Thanks for the reaction man, I knew you'd like it. As for Charlie being part angel, well kinda. Her dad's Lucifer, after all.

    I get a kick out of just how many details there are for rewatching in this show, from possible lore in the pictures at the hotel to signs mocking Pentius during his fight with Cherry and Angel. Probably the best though is the stream of consciousness ticker during the news segment. The WTF is strong with that one, and I can't help laughing reading it. No extra reaction necessary, but it's worth a look just for a laugh. By the way, there's a post-credit scene. No plot, just an extra laugh.

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