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25 thoughts on “Hazbin Hotel (PILOT) REACTION”

  1. See Dean, have I ever steered you wrong with my suggestions? lol. Glad you enjoyed it, I loved it. And you're right, the reason she made this pilot was to pitch it to anyone who would like to turn this into a series. She spent over four years creating this from scratch pretty much. Her dream is to have it picked up by a network, steaming service or production company. But she did say no matter what, she will finish this show no matter what it takes. The best way to keep track of her is to subscribe to her YouTube Channel, Twitter or she has her own website as well.
    And if you enjoyed this, shes also working on another show called Helluva Boss. The first episode comes out next week but here's a trailer for it. It's set in the same universe as Hazbin Hotel but follows different characters and a much different context. She used her knowledge from making the HH Pilot to help stream line this new show. I say you should give it a try also and help spread her word. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rzBpIU-L78

  2. i think they confirmed that alastor was a serial killer and radio host who died during or after the great depression. but depending on how terrible or how much horror you caused in life effects how powerful a demon you become

  3. Ya, honestly for me I had never heard of this till recently. Given that I myself am an artist I kind feel like I should have rofl XD.
    I came across a few clips and I thought it was a legit full on production tv series or something. Then to find out it's made by an artist/youtuber with a ton of help blows my mind a bitt. I am very impressed with this level of polish.

    I like how it has a darker tone to it than many of the cartoons you tend to see today. I love the humor as well. My only fear is that if it ever gets greenlit there is likely going to be a group of people trying to cancel it. Because there has already been quite a few who have been offended by the jokes and/or characters. I don't think they understand these characters are in hell, they are going to say offensive things. Like when Killjoy mentions how she doesn't touch the gays because she has standards, Charlie then looks up at the sign that says Hell on it and says "And how's that been working out for ya?" Pretty much clearly pointing out that what she said was indeed a bad thing.

    I just feel like people miss the point sometimes because they entirely focus on being offended. Like it's their hobby.

  4. I absolutely love the voice acting in this pilot, I really bloody hope that some good people pick this up and turn it into a proper series. Glad you like it as well and hopefully you can make another reaction series out of it soon!!

  5. Lovely reaction.

    Yes Charlie ist the Princess of Hell and the daughter of Lucifer.
    Btw. I am very curious whether her parents are actually nice, at least Charlie seems to optimistic and self secure to be raised by truly cruel parents.

  6. I was wondering if you'd get around to this Mate! When I first watched it, I was all "Where has this been all my life? How did I not hear about it earlier? Its right up my ally! My dark, dingy, smelly, dangerous, DARK, ally!!"


  7. They are currently looking for a sponsor or someone to green light them for a full season. I do hope it gets picked up by someone. I must say I notice something new every time I watched this video. I missed Katie Killjoy being against gays (Charlie is bi) before. Granted she seems to be against everyone. I still have to go back and read the crawl.
    You asked who Charlie's father is. She is the daughter of Lucifer and Lilith. Most everyone you see in this show died on Earth as humans and came down to hell as demons, but Charlie is an exception.
    I do wonder what kind of conflict Alastor will bring. He is shaping up to be one of my favorite characters, but he don't want the hotel to be successful, but he believes it's goal to be impossible so I don't think he will sabotage the place. Short term he is vital to the hotel's operations as there is no way they could keep the place running with just two demons.

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