Hazbin Hotel: That’s Entertainment OST- I’m Always Chasing Rainbows (Unofficial Soundtrack)

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43 thoughts on “Hazbin Hotel: That’s Entertainment OST- I’m Always Chasing Rainbows (Unofficial Soundtrack)”

  1. The last lyric is actually "waiting to find a little bluebird in vain" 🙂 everything after the minute mark isn't an original song for Hazbin, it's actually a very old song

  2. Me thinking about Hazbin Hotel: (Wonders if demons are real)
    (My Dad and Brother with Clown masks on)

  3. The original ends with "Waiting to find a little bluebird in vain", and I have a feeling this one does too (it's phonetically ambiguous). Preserves the rhyming scheme too (rain-vain)

  4. I have a couple predictions about Charlie. I think there’s gonna be some crazy plot twist with her. She is the main protagonist, so I assume something is going to happen with her character. I think maybe 1) she’s going to be the one who gets into heaven because she’s pure hearted and always wants to do the right thing. Plus her parents don’t seem to be proud or care about her, so if she left it wouldn’t be a loss for them. 2) She’s going to find out she’s actually an angel who got sent to hell to give demons a second chance at redemption. Maybe that’s also why her parents don’t seem to care about her. Maybe she isn’t their real daughter. Or 3) she’s actually far more evil then we expect or she’s going to turn evil at some point. And will prove to everyone she truly is the princess of hell and the daughter of Lucifer.

  5. When I saw the pilot on its premiere date, I didn’t expect a comedy to start off with a sad song. If I were with Charlie, I would gather all the lost and confused demons altogether and form a colony called the Night Coven, where demons can still pray to God.

  6. This song is honestly so beautiful and really sets part of the show’s tone. You’ve got all the comedy that follows but this is the one moment that really gives us a view of Charlie’s suffering and motivations, the reason behind her trying so hard to save everyone. I love that she sounds legit like a Disney Princess here, because she’s the one person closest to having that “pure” and inherently good mindset yet she was born as a literal demon. I wanted to cry for this poor sweetheart! And the singing itself is top notch! Bravo.

  7. I actually think that the beginning of the episode is set during the darkest hour of the series. I think that it’s when the hotel failed or Alistor double crosses her. She’s singing about how she failed, and that the cleanse came again. And how she has to start all over again. Just a theory tho

  8. Legit this animation's gonna have a Broadway adaptation someday.
    I'll probs be old and dusty by then, but I'll be happy to make it to the day it's finally a reality.

  9. This song likely contains most of the themes for the series. Finding happiness, trying to live up to your parents expectations, and trying to live in a world that you don't feel you belong in.

    I also see a lot of parallels between Charlie's goal of rehabilitating sinners and Vivziepop's attempt at getting a successful cartoon off the ground. Both struggle to prove their haters wrong.

    I predict the lyrics will become more poingent as the series moves forward.

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