Heimplanet Transit Line Travel Pack | Durable 34L Carry-On Kickstarter Backpack

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24 thoughts on “Heimplanet Transit Line Travel Pack | Durable 34L Carry-On Kickstarter Backpack”

  1. Hello

    I'm having trouble deciding on this bag vs boundary supply prima system (not using the camera insert)

    Both seem like good bags but can I get your opinion on what would be better for travel, based on capacity, weight, etc?

  2. Tom, I understand that bag volume by liter can be misleading. Having said that, by my analysis (could be wrong) the Heimplanet Transit Bag measures smaller than the Minaal Carry-on 2.0 by 3 liters or so. However, based on everything I've seen, including PH's great reviews, it "looks" like one can actually fit more non-tech stuff in the Heimplanet Transit Bag. Since you've reviewed both, which one holds more non-tech stuff in the bucket? Thanks in advance.

  3. I was wondering, does this bag (when filled up with clothes etc.) stand up by the base or does it fall down? I've been having this issue with my osprey farpoint 40 and this might be a deal breaker for me.

  4. Due to you Feedback the Travel Pack will have LOCKABLE ZIPPERS now.

    And if we reach the 2. stretch goal the Travel Pack, (and the other TRANSIT Line items) will be available in all black too.

  5. Hi, have you gotten your hands on the Errant backpack by Boundary? Would love to hear what you have to say about that bag. I know it serves some pretty different needs compared to the Heimplanet, but i'm curious as to how it compares. Also, looking forward to hearing about the new Peak Design Travel Line!

  6. Hey! Love the vid, the detail is amazing on the features. I have a question, which bag is hanging between the Peak Design Everyday pack and the Black Ember? It looks great, but I don't recognize it

  7. Very good review Tom. The video shows all details really nicely. At least for me the zippers are lockable enough like they are.

    I already backed this pack on kickstarter and cant wait to receive mine.

  8. Hell yes! This is exactly what I've been looking for! For me this is the Swiss knife of backpacks. I needed something stylish, durable, convenient and most of all usable for work, travel and bicycle commute to work. Also this might even double down as my secondary camera bag. Decided to buy the back pack from the transit line and super stoked the Kickstarter campaign was funded easy in 48 hours. So impressed by the level of design that's gone into this backpack not just the visuals but they've thought everything through, tried and done multiple prototypes to find the best solutions (check their live stream recording on the Kickstart campaign page) from materials to use cases etc. +Pack Haker thanks for doing the run through. This and the video run through on Heimplanet's Kickstarter campaign helped to convince that this was going to solve all my needs 🙂 Bought it, cheers!

  9. I mean Heimplanet invests a lot in Details like accessibility and functionality! Almost perfect for Prototyp and this is more impressive!

    BUT the Zipper need to be hidden or you need a possibility to lock them together; if they do; we would have the perfect bag!

  10. Are you guys going to get your hands on the Peak Design Travel Line gear anytime soon? Would be great to get your views on it to see if it's really worth laying down them dollars to back it on Kickstarter 😉

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