Hermitcraft Back From Vacation! Livestream 28/09/19

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30 thoughts on “Hermitcraft Back From Vacation! Livestream 28/09/19”

  1. Hi xisuma ๐Ÿ™‚ I do like to look back in history and be facinated of how quick the evolution did grow…… thinking of that the Earth has been populated with humans….. and until now….. and what has happen just in the last 2-3000 years…… and think of the last 100 years….. it's kind of scary.
    I have just seen the last episode of season 3 about Queen Victoria……. even i did know a lot from that periode….. there was something i did forgot…… this season did end around 1851, just after the world exhibition in Hyde Park in London. I did forgot, that Victoria's son, who became King Edvard VII …. did married a Danish prinsses Alexandra ….. the daughter of King Christian the 9 of Denmark….. Christian 9. managed to get four of his children placed on thrones around Europe, giving him the nickname "Europe's father-in-law". ๐Ÿ™‚
    I did build Pantheon in one of my first worlds, just a short time after i did brougt Minecraft when it was still in Beta. I did lost all of my worlds when i did try to save and copy them into my extern HD, but i think i still have a saved screen picture of it. So i can recomend everyone to save their worlds on an extern HD or in one of the free internet "Clouds". ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. no matter how much I watch Xisuma, the episode "Hermitcraft VI 806 How An Episode Of Hermitcraft Is Really Recorded" was the first video of him that I watched, and I just cant shake the feeling of cheats!
    but at the same time, I watch most of the live streams through and see how things are actually done…
    I don't know what to believe.

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