Hilarious Times People Stayed At The Worst Hotels Ever

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46 thoughts on “Hilarious Times People Stayed At The Worst Hotels Ever”

  1. We stayed at this one hotel and it was like five of us sleeping in one room and we had our grandma visiting, we were making food in the microwave and when we had opened the microwave door the glass plate shot out and nearly hit three of us in the head.

  2. I was in a newly built hotel once (maybe six months from when construction ended) and the room peephole looked INTO the room. I went back to the desk and asked for another room and they told me to just cover the peephole with something.
    I said how about I cover it with my money….give me a new room or a refund.

  3. There was time I went to a school trip and those tour planners booked a room which had a transparent door, like u could see the person taking a bath. It is the tour planners mistake cuz that room was meant for couples. We friends made a deal that we won't cross the bathroom door when someone is taking bath😅🤣

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