Home For Sale Las Vegas Skye Canyon | $380K | 2,529 Sqft | Loft | 3-5 Beds | 2.5-3.5 Baths | 2 Cars

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38 thoughts on “Home For Sale Las Vegas Skye Canyon | $380K | 2,529 Sqft | Loft | 3-5 Beds | 2.5-3.5 Baths | 2 Cars”

  1. It's just me but if I were to pay 6 figures for a home , then I wouldn't want to have neighbors right on top of me. High priced mobile home park idea. But the homes themselves are beautiful.

  2. DO NOT EVER BUY A PULTE HOME. I live in one that is 12 years old and I have had nothing but problems. I have had numerous floods, I had to rewire the bottom floor, and the H-Vac had to be completely replaced 2 years after I moved in. This is a 3800 square foot house, so as you can guess the repair costs to me have been very expensive. I was not the only one in my community that had these problems. So we filed a class action lawsuit and won the suit. Fuck this builder, they short cut everything, and I'm sure they pay off the inspectors.

  3. Do they have an "exactly the same as the model" price with all the upgrades in the model factored in? Or do they just want to keep everyone in the dark on what the actual price would be?

  4. I really like this home because it looks like a home. Someplace to live and not a show place. I must say though I am starting to dislike the places you show. The reason being is what you see is not what you get. Everything you see that make you love it is upgraded! To get what make you love it means you have to spend a "lot" of extra money to make it actually look like that. I think it's false advertising to show what you could have instead of what you get. I'm calling SHENANIGANS.

  5. It’s nice I would leave it as is far as the office goes and the bedrooms and in the master bedroom I would want the toilet part to be a little more smaller I fee like that closet on that side could be a bit more deeper and larger.

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