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21 thoughts on “Hotel”

  1. I got laid after telling this performance to some thot, she died and buried in the beckyard, weird with conditioner and suave in their hair ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคซ

    Donโ€™t remember writing this but okay lol

  2. I've slept in the tub before. Stayed in a hotel with trucks on the Penssylvania turnpike roaring by outside. No way was I getting any sleep with that going on. Through the pillows in the tub Jack the AC up Covered myself with blankets and slept like a baby. By the way those shower Are great for covering your hair while your coloring it. I've had the best color of my life wearing a shower cap for 15 minutes over top. Plus it keeps the hair from falling down and hitting your clothing or bare skin

  3. I always take the pen from the desk/table. I own a lifetime supply of pens. Does anyone even pay money for pens anymore? If you work in an office, youโ€™re also set for life since most disgruntled employees think nothing of stealing office supplies.

    The TV remote has got to be the worst thing to touch; wrapping it in the shower cap and then pressing the buttons would be the best use for the shower cap.

  4. I was at a Howard Johnson in NJ in October on Frontage rd. Disgusting, room smells of mold, mildew, plastic tube had crack. Paint can't cover rust spots. Rust can be seen. Left right away. No valet service, They wanted to charge $15 a day for parking. And you park the car. I think many of the employees are from Pakistan or India. That area NJ what a shit hole. Corey Booker , Jose sex predator Melendez NJ shit hole.

  5. Ive worked in a few hotels & resorts. Its not all that great. Most people are cheap, stupid or lazy. Ive seen people act like jerks or they want refunds for dumb reasons.

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