Hotel California Guitar Solo Lesson – Eagles (with tabs)

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43 thoughts on “Hotel California Guitar Solo Lesson – Eagles (with tabs)”

  1. Hats off to you man !!

    Your teaching method is awesome!!

    You break it down so intelligently.
    Playing entire solo first, for people who just need to see it played up close, or just need a few pointers, then transition into a more in-depth study.
    It is a really good presentation method.

    Now, I do appreciate that these videos are available "free" on Youtube, (support is always important though) and if I don't like it, I know I can take a hike, but I hate listening to a person in video telling me to put 1st finger on 2nd fret on 4th string, then 2nd finger on 3rd fret on …. well you get idea.


  2. Thanks brother i like your tutorial before this i have learn at yamaha music school from i am 13 years old i can't following my teacher teach me this song. My teacher have gave me a tabs chord but i can't reading the tabs chord so slow i'm reading the tabs chord. After i'm watching your video i can understand you teach firstly your full performer, step by step you teach from level 1 until level 15 fast sound music,slow sound music and tabs chord can help i'm listening your voice guitar. I can follow it you is the best teacher. After 15 years i can play this song, right now i'm 31 years old.

  3. Hallo Georg, super gespielt! Hört sich klasse an. Ich bin jetzt das erste Mal dabei – Blues Picking Kurs. Macht viel Spaß und komme gut voran dank Deiner guten Erklärung. Was Liedwünsche davon unabhängig betrifft, würde ich mich riesig über eine schöne Akustik-Gitarrenversion von "Pretty Amazing Grace" (Original von Neil Diamond) freuen.

  4. This is the only way guitar solos should be taught on YouTube. Been playing guitar almost 20 years and only just finally nailed this solo because of this video! Only took me a few times through the video and then repetition to build up muscle memory (especially the harmonized licks at the end).

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