Hotel cook arrested for threats against employees, guests at Airport Marriott in Long Beach

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41 thoughts on “Hotel cook arrested for threats against employees, guests at Airport Marriott in Long Beach”

  1. They called his trailer a home 🏡. Lol 😂 how did they not know he had that Arsenal when everything he bought is traceable??🤣😂 I cant with these news media screwups

  2. Well…its always interesting,to watch the end game…i have studied the Truman Show…over and over…i have watched Wag the Dog…over and over…this is interesting. However…glad no life lost

  3. No offense but you can't save lives if the people in the hotel are that bad the management etc.. You may stop one person but what's to say another one was to act out the same cause of how this hotel treats it's employees the problem we tend to use and treat others like trash we just toss aside the problem is people miss using people and as long as people use people some people will act out badly it's a balance order

  4. WTF…this guy had a lot of firepower. Maybe they prevented a shooting or they just arrested a "prepper" or firearm collector. A coworker that does not like him and knows his hobby could have lied to police. Owning firearms in it self is not a crime! I take everything with a grain of salt and try to see the other perspective… politicians and the media is always pushing an agenda and not shy to use real tragedies like terrorist attacks to do so.

  5. So what did he do illegal? Those weapons look legal to purchase and they just told us all he said was hes going to get even with this. Job who even talks like tgat anymore? And even if he did say this thats not illegal to say hes going to get even… . this iis a fals flag created story to futher creat fear and push for more gun control . i smell bullshit ..

  6. Wow, to believe i live less than 2miles from that hotel. How did a Mexican cook have access to such a weapons cache is beyond me

    Between, i see no assault weapon. The media need to get the fuck outta here.

  7. Possible diaper rash. Anyone can say someone made a threat. How do we know it's even real. Get that man a lawyer. He didn't make a direct threat. That is far from a arsenal. My mom's got more than that.

  8. Let me get this very straight, this dude was gonna shoot up the place with s carcano rifle from red dead redemption 2 and a six shooter along with semi auto ARs? Understand that on reload time, that rifle and and revolver he will be gunned down unless hes john fucking wick or Jerry miclek in reloading, cause thats fucking insane and impossible to do so.

    Not only that, the story is very fishy cause when shooters shot up a place, they never announce it, just did it. Im not buying it…🧐🧐🧐🤔🤔🤔🤔

  9. Well it’s ironic and hypocritical the USA is so worried about terrorist attacks by Muslim radicals. Then 28 people have been arrested since the El Paso and Dayton shootings who had plans to carry out mass shootings. That’s been what, the last 2 weeks? It sounds like somebody should be looking in their own backyard before pointing fingers at outsiders. Gun control, what a joke, how many of the past mass shooters obtained guns legally with no criminal records. Americans are Fucked up!

  10. Wait a second. First there was a picture of weapons on the table. Then a close up picture of more items that were, "not" on the table. Is this for real? Or another false flag operation. How can anyone who has All those weapons actually be that stupid to bring attention to themselves. Sounds very fishy.

  11. So he got arrested for getting angry at his employer and having loaded magazines? Shit, well I guess I'm next.

    Cops say that they found this intricate "attack plan". Yeah, I'll believe when I see it.

    Keep giving up your rights, soon you won't have any.

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