Hotel Del Luna – EP13 | Romantic Kiss!!

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38 thoughts on “Hotel Del Luna – EP13 | Romantic Kiss!!”

  1. ‪i know a lot of people are divided between chansung and chungmyung but i always felt like the chemistry between chansung and manwol was more like super good friends rather than lover so when they kissed it felt kind of awkward to me‬.

  2. Why is everyone so rude to Yeo Jingoo…I came here to watch this touching scene and then all I saw was rude comments.. I know that IU is talented and amazing but Yeo Jingoo needs love too.

  3. Ughh I need to catch up on the episodes- Everytime I wanna watch this show it’s in the middle of the night…I can’t do that no more especially after the episode where they try to put him in that room so he could lose his mind-

  4. What everyone waited for finally!! A Really long romantic kiss. Im happy for IU and especially JinGoo bc this kid is so underrated internationally and probs even in SoKor and now look at him.. 😭😭😭

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