Hotel Del Luna – EP14 | IU Stabs Yeo Jin Goo

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40 thoughts on “Hotel Del Luna – EP14 | IU Stabs Yeo Jin Goo”

  1. when I saw this part, for a moment I thought it was real. such a chill moment. their acting was amazing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Oooh c'est juste woow quand il est tombé par terre avec la musique 👌 pour moi c'est la meilleure scène 💕 bravo pour le réalisateur

  3. Hae soo!!! You hurt me much in moon lovers… that quick sharp stab feeling… when will u meet with wang so in the future?

    Of all IUs drama, still she is the prettiest in moon lovers…

  4. Omg how she went from a furious expression to when she realised what she done… that shook me 😭😭 I’m glad it didn’t actually happen

  5. I stopped watching this drama in episode 5 because they want me to download the app and I don't want to do it, I feel I am forced to download the app if I want to continue watching the drama.

  6. I almost cried because the acting was on point and of course I thought she killed him for real.This scene was really sad and shocking at the same time…
    As expected Hotel del luna is a really good drama👍

  7. this was just cruel, i was screaming the entire time!! the show already convinced me once that chansung had died during his time at hotel del luna, but to do this again this time by manweol's hand?? it was way too much to handle 😿

    keep chansung safe and leave manweol alone!!

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