Hotel Hell – Brick Hotel – S3E6

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35 thoughts on “Hotel Hell – Brick Hotel – S3E6”

  1. Nick Hogan dude THANK YOU!
    Dude Thank you for using money for other people to watch Gordon spit facts at this DELUSIONAL woman thinking if she's on the top of the throne then she's allowed to speak to her employes like they're crap and that they can do better with less or EVEN NO PAY than what they were offered

  2. I like this series, but at the same time, especially on episodes like this one, it’s kinda bullshit when they spend like $100,000+ on remodels, when the money for remodeling is like half he original issue

  3. I could literally die if i stayed in this place with my health problems. Imagine that place being the only option while traveling and suddenly you're having an asthma attack and need emergency help. Geez.

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