Hotel Hell – River Rock Inn; Roosevelt Inn Part 2 – S1E6

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26 thoughts on “Hotel Hell – River Rock Inn; Roosevelt Inn Part 2 – S1E6”

  1. When Gordon said ” I need you committed,” I thought he meant to a psych ward.

    I mean that might have helped this dude too

    But everything about this situation is more than one episode can handle and I don't believe that he will remain committed after Gordon leaves.

  2. Doing that black-light thing on the bedding wasn't fair. Even clean laundered bedding will show traces of it's history in a black light, and it will look like utter filth when it's not. Made it look like that poor hard working woman wasn't trying hard enough, when she was.

  3. She keeps saying brides are sophisticated but wouldn't that depend on the individual? Lmao Same with being young. Haha I feel like she just through together a generic line of bullshit just to make herself sound smart. Haha smh

  4. Let's get one thing straight this is nothing like the 1800s. People worked back then or else they died. They did not have as much help as we do today. So wife and husband kids ants uncles and cousins all had to work from a very young age. So idk why he is comparing it to then haha That guy actually seems very suitable for this current time period. Alot of childish ppl in the world today. Anyway just wanted to clear that up.

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