Hotel Hell Season 1 Episode 3 Cambridge Hotel

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  1. Gordon may seem harsh because he tells you the truth strait up no sugar coating. But he's genuinely concerned and has the best intentions for people. He'll acknowledge a job well done and encourage people that have passion too. Rare are the people like him

  2. "The troubled Cambridge Hotel, which was foreclosed on earlier this spring, will close after a farewell party on Sunday, according to a note sent to customers. The hotel was scheduled to be auctioned off on Friday.Jun 14, 2012"

  3. My issues with Gordon getting naked on a lot of these episodes to take a bath… I don't have problems with nudity obviously… But lets say I or you were Gordon… Talking to the shows producers who help direct the show, I would be like why do you always want me to get naked for the show? Do women & guys really get off on seeing Gordon that way on a cooking/hotel show? If you do then Gordon should be making some TV late night on Skinamax for you guys… But I dont watch Hells kitchen to see Gordon 90% naked… I dont watch Hotel Hell to see him naked… If I was Gordon I would be like you guys are paying me millions to deal with people's horrible attitudes & to help turn around potential hotels… Which has nothing to do with me getting naked.. I get the show needs to have some comedic parts to it but Id much rather Gordon yell at people & scream this is fucking RAWWWW over seeing him take baths… Just my opinion.

  4. “I’m a military guy.” No you’re a guy who was in the military. Don’t flatter yourself thinking that the service makes you noble. You’re still a loser.

  5. In case anyone was wondering, this is the latest update from reality revisited:

    The Cambridge Hotel closed in June 2012 after being placed in foreclosure in the spring and was bought by the bank.

    Scooter graduated from catering college

    John is now working at Guantanamo Bay Prison as officer in charge of the Office of Military Commissions.

    The building has since become an assisted living residence.

    Cambridge Hotel aired on August 20 2012, the episode was filmed in January 2012 and is Hotel Hell season 1 episode 3.

  6. It's sad how the hotel ending up closing cause they were doing Everything they can to make the hotel work and they were even willing to sell their house and just as the hotel started getting better and making more money it ended up being closed

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