Hotel Review – Fairfield Inn Memphis East/Wolfchase Galleria

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22 thoughts on “Hotel Review – Fairfield Inn Memphis East/Wolfchase Galleria”

  1. dressers and chests of drawers should no longer be standard in American hotels because nobody ever uses them. the floor space could be used much better with comfortable chairs, a table or desk. the chest of drawers could be placed in the closet both saving space and making the guests more comfortable.

  2. I’m happy to see smart TVs make their way into hotels. We haven’t seen that yet in the Hilton properties we stay in. It would allow us to keep up with our YouTube watching (99% of the TV that we watch these days) without having to hook up an HDMI cable to our laptop, and roll the dice on whether the oddball remote will allow us to change to a different input.

  3. The room issues weren't so bad it does show a failure of internal communication. House keeping has to notify maintenance and the maintenance crew has to listen to house keeping who usually should be the first to notice issue's like the ones you had. Over all though it was a nice room.

  4. liked this video very much but they need to fix their very tiny issues lol still looks pretty nice other than that. thanks for the review! i also really enoyed and really very liked how they keep the rooms like clean basically lol other than those tiny missed issues then yeah I would stay in that hotel for sure!
    Please do more of hotel room reviews and more Elevators and more Car washes lol 😊

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