latest Commercial : Another Vacation

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  1. I love this commercial. Its shrewdly true. A poll I read says, if given the opportunity, 65% of parents would go back in time to before having kids, and yup, not have kids. 65%!! That's pretty much 2 out of 3 parents. It's the majority of the parents you see walking around you. They mention misery, stress, lack of sleep, no sex, less money, had to buy a bigger house, 2 cars, no personal time. Went on to say that lots of them put on a fake face when in public. They faked being happy. From what I've gathered personally, the biggest regret I hear from people is not traveling. I think children lead to that too. Lol!! Hmmm. Hmmmm. Maybe children arent so great. Just sayin. Have a great day!! I know I will, cuz I get to come home to me time, and relax, and sleep, and……

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