House Flip After the Remodel on a College Rental Property Bought 6/22/2018

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36 thoughts on “House Flip After the Remodel on a College Rental Property Bought 6/22/2018”

  1. Sometimes I wonder how you sell this things. Feel lucky your in your market this would never work where I live. Not for anything close to this money. You would’ve to sell for really cheap. And still have a hard time.

  2. I worked at DSU in North Dakota as a custodian for (13+ yrs) and for 3-4 gawd awful yrs I had to clean the Off Campus Apartments… (actual) Pig's would be offended by the way they trashed them….

  3. Being in an area where nothing residential can cashflow would feel really weird to me, though commercial rentals seem lucrative in CO with the higher rent. Does cashflow ability just disappear in any market that gets too high priced, like southern California? Or does CO have a unique situation where residential rent is too low for home values? Thanks in advance!

  4. Really like the exterior blue! And the basement turned out great. It was quite a mess before. Very grubby. And yes, sell the place while you can ~ college kids will love this house to pieces, lol. 🎶🍺🚽🔥 🙊

  5. Great colors inside and out for that house. Few small things i would have changed but looks great both floors. Both kitchens are so much nicer now and better laid out. My OCD noticed a few little things , haha.

  6. Hey Mark love all you do for the community your help is much appreciated. Do you have an opinion on buying houses from sheriff sales auction? I don't hear you talk about auctions often

  7. Why is carpet throughout more cheaper? I’ve always wondered why some apartments have carpet all through out. I would assume a tile or hardwood would be cheaper over time. Due to carpet becoming very soiled, ripped up & having it replaced Etc. Or am I wrong?

  8. I thought you hit your head on something when that odd sound of the gong. Turns out part of a handle fell off.
    It is a cute house from the out side, a lot of charm. I understand why you are selling it as a collage rental. It would of made a lovely single family home too. It is a charming home.

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