Housing Investment Should Be Banned

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31 thoughts on “Housing Investment Should Be Banned”

  1. All it takes is some form of stimulus from the government(1st home grant, free stamp duty, negative gearing etc) to start an up trend, then have mainstream media, realtors, accountants and just about everyone on the street to convince you to buy or invest into the property markets plus your own FOMO psychology and foreign $ to boot as well. From here onwards it's about selling to the next tard whose willing to buy from you at a higher price, just make sure you not the last one holding the bomb and you be fine.

  2. Investment property Should not be banned, but taxed to the roof, say by sq meter per capita, if it ain’t farm land or land to be used for production and commercial but residential, each person is entitled to property of 500 sq meters of roofed living space (the house , not the land/block size) combine total with no tax, any more than that area would be taxed at 10% tax per meter on the value for the next 500 sq meter (combine with previous area), then the next 500 sq meter more will rack 10% more in total area of tax, then next 500 more gets you another 10% more in total land area one own. And no commercial entities are premised to own residential property tax free and those land and property tax start at 30% from first 100 sq meters, so companies can’t does a mansion on their books cheaper than private ownership. Throw in a non farm and production unroofed land area tax above 1000 sqm, The rich can always own a huge mansion on a large block of land provided they paid roofed land tax and unroofed residential land mass tax to the government. As long as they are willing to paid their fair share of tax back to the public.

  3. this is some kooky, bat shit crazy stuff. what happens when you remove investment from any industry?… and once you have the answer to that question and thing government should fix it, then you are doubly stupid.

  4. Totally agree…. governments violate the UN declaration of human rights in so many ways it's not funny. And the only time they kick up a stink is when it suits them.

    Bunch of complete hypocrites

  5. Housing investment is necessary as many people choose to rent and couldn't afford a house even if prices were reasonable. Housing speculation, as opposed to investment, should be banned – but how? A sensible approach might be to limit the size of borrowings against a property to maybe 5 times the expected annual gross rental. Doing so would cap borrowings and hence prices and hence speculation. At the same time it would make housing more affordable. The actual multiple might not be 5 of course but the principal holds.

  6. Here's a solution for negative gearing. Treat it like capital losses which are just held on the side of the tax ledger until some time in the future when they can be used to cancel out any gains made from increased rental returns or perhaps the sale of the property that yields a capital gain. Not so many investors would be that keen to take on so much debt and house prices level out or maybe even drop for a period of time. Probably not worrying anyone who plans to live in their own house for many years. I never include my house in my net wealth. It's a place where I live, and my wealth is determined by the investments I make with the rest of my free cash.

  7. Also the bank ceo's should be in jail. With the past years of lending more and more credit (to owners and investors) it's driven the prices out of control. If you approve every second person for 800k-1mill that's how all the houses are now worth that. For a quick buck they're ruined the next generations chances of securing housing, and holding the economy hostage, threatening to burst at any moment. CRIMINALS THEY ARE!!

  8. The negative gearing is a moot point- negative gearing is only lucrative when there is strong exponential house price growth. Only financially illiterate people would seek to negatively gear in today's housing market.

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