How Cheap to Travel in Bulgaria ? (Bulgaria 13)

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24 thoughts on “How Cheap to Travel in Bulgaria ? (Bulgaria 13)”

  1. 節目很有特色,可以讓網友看到即時的人文地理,還有小提琴演奏。建議不要做即時政治新聞了,太多人在做,很難脫穎而出,還是揚長避短吧🎵🎵🎵🎸🎸🎸

  2. 第一段火车的车站车厢很干净,也有厕纸。第二段火车就脏和旧了。保加利亚吃饭住宿确实便宜。但是城市房屋街道公路有些残破。一百多公里的路程竟然要数个小时。

  3. Mr Daniel, is a kind hearted person. I saw him feeding a cat in Bulgaria, helping a girl in Central America, feeding a doggie in Bolivian sand desert and carrying a disabled person in Malaysia. May God bless him with good health, long life and prosperity to do such good things in future also.

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