How I afford to travel, my tips and tricks.

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  1. Hi Emy! For any future visitors: the price for transportation does vary in Paris and its suburbs. The Pass Navigo's prices are the same for every zone, yes, but that's something we use as residents. Tourists, however, have to use tickets or holiday passes and they are more expensive if you stay in zone 5 than if you stay in zone 2. I just wanted to clarify that for non-Parisian people here! Otherwise thank you for the great tips, as always ✨

  2. I really appreciate these both clear and reasonably structured advices. "Ce que je voudrais encore mentionner, c´est prendre du temps pour voyager. Ayant un travail fixe, c´est pas toujours possible d´estimer quand on pourrait prendre de congé, et pourtant c´est difficile de faire des projets pour plusieurs mois en avance." But as I said, very helpful in general. Greetings from the Czech Republic.

  3. Thanks for making a video that connect with the actual constraints of most students and young adults. I really relate with the way you travel: buses, youth hostels, street-food or home made sandwiches, theses are all great ways to save money. If you willingly embrace this, you really get pass over some inconvenients. All or nothing attitude will either get you frustrated or bankrupt.

  4. Pour ma part , jessaie au moins une fois de prendre un petit souvenir ou un petit plat car cela fait vivre le pays. Le tourisme. Quand je visite jaime me dire que je donne au pays et que je fais vivre les locaux. Que je participe du moins.

  5. This actually helped me think differently about life in general. I do try to keep up with the latest clothes and what's in style. I really need to change up my priorities. Thank you so much, this was very helpful! 🙂

  6. Merci beaucoup pour cette vidéo ! Je suis étudiante et j'ai eu la chance de pouvoir me permettre de voyager 2 fois cet été (Portugal et Italie) grâce au travail que j'ai pu cumuler en plus de mes études ! Malheureusement l'année prochaine je ne vais plus pouvoir travailler parce que l'année qui m'attend est plus compliquée. Je cherchais donc comment économiser assez d'argent pour me rendre au sultanat d'Oman en 2020 ! Tes conseils en effet ne sont pas magiques mais c'est tjr bien de s'entendre rappeler qu'on peut tjr faire plus d'économies et qu'on n'a pas forcément besoin de tout ce qu'on s'achète

  7. I thought maybe my previous comment was too pretentious, (because I really feel like it's doable to travel cheap, especially if you live in Europe), so maybe I will just tell my tips:
    a) cheap airlines. if you just want to travel and destination is not as important to you. (speaking from experience – for me the most important thing is to visit places I have not been to before, I have no specific dreams, because many many places are extremely underrated) – then look on "occasions" on cheap airlines websites – prices can be amazing sometimes. Or book not cheap ones but really many months in advance.
    b) don't exclude coaches and trains, BUT only if it's worth it. Don't go travelling by coach for 17 hours, if you are going to stay there for 2 days. I made my mistakes like that, trying to save money and I regretted it. If you're travelling for longer time – and the coach/train is much cheaper than flight – do that!
    c) hostels, with many people, dormitories, if you don't mind. To be honest for me it's great. I travel alone very often I cannot imagine booking a single room, I would feel too alone I think. Although I completely understand people who prefer it that way. When I stay at dorms there is always somebody in the room, or kitchen I talk to, or sometimes I go for trips with. And a lot of other people also travel alone, and their stories can be amazing to listen to.
    d) don't take huge destinations when you only have a weekend free. Don't go to Paris, London or Rome for a city break. Two days is not enough to visit them, to me it would be wasted money. Devote at least a week, of even two for them and don't waste money on travelling and accomodation to just see Eiffel Tower and Louvre 😉 And there are perfect, cheaper destinations that are beautiful, but much smaller that you can visit in such a city break. Take Munich in Germany, Coimbra in Portugal, Wilno in Lithuania, hell I would even say that Warsaw, my city can be visited during shorter trip.
    e) get rid of mindset that you will regret spending huge sum in one go. This is how it always going to be, but I tell you when you come back from holidays you will never regret it. Imagine: If you can save 100 euro on anything during a year, you just got yourself a two-way flight to Copenhaga from Europe in cheap airlines. It is doable.

  8. Agreed with all of your tips ! Thank you so much for this video, I love hearing about your travels. Food is a big one, when I'm traveling with friends I'm always the one pushing to balance eating out and cooking … It can be good to cook breakfast and dinner and eat out for lunch for example; and you can try out some local food nby just going to local markets and see what's offered ! Et merci de rappeler de choisir les destinations qu'on peut se permettre ! J'avoue que parfois j'ai du mal à ne pas céder à la pression des destinations "trendy", ça fait envie mais quand on voit les prix … Je connais encore peu l'Europe de l'Est et ça a l'air magnifique, je vais essayer d'explorer davantage. Je trouve qu'il y a aussi une pression, peut être que c'est mon cercle social ou les personnes que je suis sur les réseaux sociaux, de faire des voyages très "exotiques" ou vers des destinations chères maintenant, "tant qu'on est jeune", alors qu'on a toute la vie pour voyager ! Et je préfère réserver des destinations plus coûteuses pour quand j'aurai les moyens de vraiment en profiter.
    Bref encore merci, et hâte de voir tes prochains voyages !

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