How I Bought This House For $0

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34 thoughts on “How I Bought This House For $0”

  1. :O you just got a follow, what a great video, and you explained everything so well!

    I have been considering selling my house in the next few years, and this is just what I needed to see.

  2. So you have a house for $0, but a 30 year mortgage, and a 180- something thousand dollar down payment. I'm not too smart, but that sounds like not $0.

  3. It does work but this method will cost people a lot of money if they choose to live in the home. For an investment aspect his method does work because the value of the house went up but also risky if the house doesn't or decreases. If that happens you will owe more than the house is worth.

  4. The logic of the house is $0 dollars is not really true lol. The title is a nice piece of clickbait missing the upfront cost of half a million dollars. It got me. What the title should read is how to value your loans to pay for the preexisting one. Because it was over time you paid for the house with the benefit of the economy and other factors. But you didn't equate the time to pay yourself for putting two months work in, just the cost of it. A few things missing, but still, some good things I learned.

  5. all of this is assuming you have a perfect or nearly perfect credit score banks don't just hand out half mill+ loans under a 700 score and your not even likly to get a legit bank to loan you a grand let a lone half a mill so getting closer to 800 is prob the first step in this process

  6. I totally agree, people here are just too quick to judge. If you go from I don’t own anything, to I own a house but I’m in debt a lot, to my house is worth more than I paid for but I’m still in debt, to my house is worth a lot and the debt I was in is paid for by the new profit, to I own a house that paid for itself and it pays me (yet still sort of in debt). It’s free

  7. if you have to explain how you did this for 13+ minutes to try & convince us you didn't do what the title says – if you did what the title says it should take 10 seconds to explain – it should be very simple. You made it very convoluted and involved. So, I call BS on this. Not saying that you are not a smart guy & have made a good profit here – but that's not what the title says.

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