How I Make Money Online That Lets Me Travel The World For The Rest Of My LIFE!

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41 thoughts on “How I Make Money Online That Lets Me Travel The World For The Rest Of My LIFE!”

  1. Iโ€™ve lost 20 lbs from watching your videos. No exercise. No walking. Nothing. On my way to buy a bike. Fuck yes. If it werenโ€™t for you, Iโ€™d be fat my entire life

  2. You said you'd invest in vegan businesses if you had more money. Most people can't invest in vegan and environmental businesses because of high minimum investment limits. Vegan Launch is lowering these minimums down to $100. Vegans and environmentally minded people hold $17 trillion in public stocks. There's no shortage of money to make the world a better place, just lack of proper "financial organizing".

  3. Mate. Been following you for years and have really enjoyed your content. Today I have decided to change my life. I used to be handy cyclist back 2005-2016 and raced at A Grade Club level (Whyalla) with a club championship (2008) and won the SA state TT for my age (2012 – MAS3)… Wasn't vegan then and had some really unhealthy habits. 2016 tore my hamstring running after somebody in my job, then I started Lawnporn – a crazy idea to share my love of lawns which turned into an accidental business. Unfortunately I stopped cycling around this time due to injury but more so life. While the business is great I've stopped cycling, my cholesterol is through the roof smashing a Macca's diet which I am not to proud of. Can't say I'm depressed or anything like that however I'd be a lot happier cycling and really being healthy again. Used to be 87kg now 135kg. I have a TCR with powermeter which I love and that is all I need (I can't stand disk brakes). I'll clean up the carport today and set it up with Zwift, grab my motivation back. I bought your book today and already feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders. I'm not just going to give it a go, I am going to believe and just do it. I will document my journey and create some good content for you. If you check out my YouTube channel you'll see how big I am but anyway…. let's clean out the carport first.
    Thank you for all you do Harley.

    Matt Daum aka Lawnporn

  4. See Mike Tyson is a vegan now and is a very humble man. He says money is just something we need to take care of our family and loved ones. He once spent $7 million on a necklace during the height of his fame and fortune because he thought it would make him feel good but it actually made him even more depressed.

  5. I've followed your videos on my other account for a long time since way back when you put that Vid up of how much money you made a month and really liked your life philosophy. Do you still make money through YouTube even now? I thought swearing and so on led to demonetisation as the youtube ToS is a bit cucked atm

  6. Harley you are turning into a pop psychologist speaking the truth. I have always liked your vids. Youย  giving some sound advice….which is cool. I would like to know what you use to make your vides? I phone? Go pro? Is that it? Low operating costs. More profit:)

  7. I'm better because of you. I'm not great because I'm lazy, but I'm better because of your YouTube programming. (and I'm in Chaiyaphum). You do have to love it and it ain't everyone's cup a joe. There's talent in it, because motivating a lazy slug like me ain't ever easy ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks durianrider! You're real!

  8. you're such a legend dude, I studied business and psychology, I decided that in my pursuit of riches I would need to contribute to the exploitation, having a bone infection in my spine was a blessing in disguise as I now live on a pension and am happy, I may never buy a house but a small piece of land for me to grow veggies is my realistic dream…I've been watching you for ages man, my first comment…..take care homes I know you will lol…Much Love from Coffs.

  9. Hello Durian. I suffer from szchizoprenia and they are keeping me in these hospitals for ages. I didn't hurt anyone so they have no right to. Please can you start a petition to get me out of hospital as I don't know how to do so. Thanks!

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