How Much Cash Flow Do Rental Properties Make You?

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24 thoughts on “How Much Cash Flow Do Rental Properties Make You?”

  1. Fantastic Video! Just started to get into the buy, fix, hold or just hold depending on the property here in Dallas with a few family members and this will definitely help with our decision making. Would love some more advice and tips as a beginner in the rental market.

  2. THIS is exactly why I have 2 rental properties, working on getting my third! Your 30 day challenge was a game changer for me Cody and idk how in the world I was doing all of this without my Deal Automator system before!!

  3. Amazing breakdown Cody! With your guidance on building my business and focusing on lead gen allowed me to build up my funds through wholesaling and rehabbing and now, as you know, I have a pretty respectable (always humble like you taught me) portfolio.

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