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28 thoughts on “HOW MUCH DO TRAVEL YOUTUBERS MAKE? (Sharing our earnings)”

  1. first of all, im pretty sure you have to hit the 100,000 mark with subscribers on youtube to start seeing some income. i dont understand yalls lack of success with youtube, because youre awesome, but there are people making good money on here and many share what they make. i also follow eamon and bec, trent and allie, and max and lee(who amassed 250,000 subscribers within their first 6 months on youtube releasing just one video a week!). the youtube jerk dave gave his opinion on max and lees overnight success and he might have some points, idk.

  2. With that intro I was worried for a moment but DAMN you got to the crux of the problem. I LOVE doing YouTube – it's a lot of fun and I love that I'm making videos that I'll be able to watch back in later years. However, it's so time consuming and the countable return (note countable – I appreciate that anyone watching anything I do is a blessing ๐Ÿ˜‚) is so small that after a couple of years, I have started to think 'is this sustainable?' and question 'what else could I be doing within this arena that doesn't involve 20 hour edits?'. Really interested to hear how you've made it work for you and thanks for sharing! (P.S. I watched the ad in full for this for you ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚)

  3. You jumped from 35K to 41K since this video came out! Woot! Thanks for sharing the earnings info. Very interesting! From the few videos that I've made, I only do it for fun. I can not imagine having thousands of subscribers! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Kudos for you guys – always enjoy following your adventures!

  4. Kara and Nate are travel vlogโ€™er and have 671k subs. They show quarterly reports and average after expenses 84k every quarter……they cannot believe their success either and Iโ€™m sure they put in many, many hours. I think they have daily vlogs and with more subs come more opportunity. I think the key point here is……very few make it, have a back up plan, other sources of income etc. check out Kara and Nate …..they are awesome….

  5. some travel vloggers go into for only making money or at least trying and others are traveling anyways on saved money or inheritance — then find an audience (or don't ) which is the best way to start a YT channel ).

  6. Thanks for sharing this and keeping it real. Like anything, you have to have a passion for it to do it, especially for the time you have been doing it. We love making videos and hope one day we can find a way to make some income. If not, we will continue making videos in hopes of helping other travelers. Anyway, check us out, anybody, if you get a chance and keep up the good work, TIM and FIN. Great to see that there are people supporting smaller creators.

  7. Such a true and โ€œoh God I just peed a littleโ€ statement when seeing your 15 year plan. Lose money, sustain and how to quit? ๐Ÿ™‚ Nobody tells you that but it is so true. We spend a considerable amount of time making sure our travel video channel (very small compared to you guys!) doesnโ€™t become the goal of traveling and itโ€™s so hard to do. The deadlines and the wrestling of WiFi/4G and the time editing and making pissed off faces at a slow computer and learning software… makes you wonder sometimes why we do this. Loved your video and your perspective on the topic. As we head off for our own Alaska adventure weโ€™ve re-watched your trip and weโ€™ll do most of those things… just not the motorcycle ride. LOL

  8. Great job guys! We are 4 1/2 years behind you as we've only been doing this for six months but, we started with the goal of sharing our love for travel and having fun and figured if we made a couple dollars in the process great. But, we never saw this whole YouTube thing as a viable "job"…even though we probably spend more time doing it than lots of people do with their real jobs. Good thing we love it!

  9. I just found your videos today and have been on a marathon watching them….they are at the same level as reading the Harry Potter Series…..couldn't put those books down either!!! Great job, funny listening to you both, cool clothes Fin, love the dog, the drone is awesome, and the laughter is contagious! Oh yeah, when I saw Fin cry in the previews, I thought it was cause the dog had died…..was kind of funny that it was just because you couldn't cross the border into Canada! Keep it coming! I'm totally living vicariously through your adventures!!! Andrea

  10. "There is a tipping point when brands are coming after you. I don't know what that is." Well, we just found out on our channel – it seems to be that big brands will start reaching out to you when your videos consistently get 50,000+ views. The number of subscribers doesn't mean much, it's all about views. And when you do a sponsorship with a big brand, in all likelihood there's a clause in your contract saying something like "If your video doesn't hit 50,000 views in the first X number of days, you don't get paid."

  11. Great video! Thanks for sharing! You mentioned you bought a new laptop to do 4k editing. I think its time for me to get a new laptop too – 4k rendering times are just way too long (12+ hours). I'm curious, what laptop did you buy?

  12. Here is the hard truth about your channel with a lot of people they don't care about foreign travel Southeast Asia Europe Mexico Central and South America or the South Pacific but what they did care about was your RV travels in the States and Canada isn't that when your channel grew the most. Having subscribers is great but it is the View's that take you ahead of the game 5yrs and only 41,000 subs not good but I enjoyed those RV video's and then once you went to Mexico I unsubbed I just simply stopped watching and I believe that if you had stayed in the RV you would have at least double what you have now. And you should have jumped on the Patreon like everyone else and kept running your Amazon business I personally won't use Amazon because when I buy I have to see it touch it right in front of me. I wish you all the best.

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