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31 thoughts on “How Much I Make From 100 Rental Properties | The Graham Stephan Show”

  1. I find it so interesting how becoming a realtor/real estate agent (not sure if we make that distinction in Europe?) requires such different qualifications. You say that in the US you "just" need a license. I live in Spain atm and here there are NO requirements – anyone can work in real estate. In my country, Denmark, you need degrees lasting 2-5 years to become a realtor.. Even if you have a Master's degree in finance, you still need to take classes and go through a long training period… Oh well.

  2. You look like you just saw a huge black cock in your thumbnail.
    Quit looking like such a dramatic queer in these. It's click baity and off putting. Because you have good material. Thanks.

  3. How can you buy a house for 40k? Around here that won't even cover the slab, utility hookups and permits. Let alone a building or land even a hour drive from the nearest civilization.

  4. Graham, do you think that rolling a lot of student debt into a mortgage on a house hack property would be a feasible idea? Let's say $150k of student debt rolled into the loan on a $300k property. Asking for a friend.
    (Assuming such a loan could even get approved in the first place)

  5. Does anyone know of any channels like Grahams that are from the UK? Don't get me wrong I think Graham is great and his videos are extremely informative. But as a Brit not all of it is relevant to me and I would like to hear from a British finance expert too

  6. literally every financial adviser on you tube

    Dude: I dont know how to get out of debt

    Graham: well what do you spend all your money on?

    Dude: well i spend $6 on coffee everyday and have a car loan of 2k/m but i dont know what im doing wrong

    Graham: make your own coffee and get a junk car

    Dude: wow i didnt think of that

    Graham: hit that like button and lets get you hooked to dAT dopamine so i can make dat money

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