How Much Money Do I Need in Las Vegas?

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  1. We got LUCKY and scored airfare, gambling, food, and the Wynn (with buffet) for a week around $2,750. We had a nice time, and I actually made a couple hundred bucks at the blackjack table. Without that deal, it'd have been $3,600+ for the same trip (without buffet). I got lucky browsing Expedia.

  2. Awesome vid, going there for my 21st next month for 3 or 4 nights. Gonna bring between 500-700 $$ for food, and minimal gambling. Going to be bringing drinks from down here in Socal! Cheers.

  3. Just as an update as of 01/09/2019 if you use Uber the UberX ride is normally only about $0.50 more and be ready to go because one will always get to you in 3 min. A ride was 7.00 average and I took one from Henderson to Westgate for about $19.00

  4. I always take 3,000 on a 3-4 day trip I put 1500 in room safe and don’t touch it. I get a breakfast sandwich at Starbucks, light lunch or dinner I pick carefully. Uber is the cheapest for a ride, I play smart and do ok.

  5. Me and the wife going to Vegas in March. You absolutely have to set a budget unless you got ends like that. We shop around for deals 3-4 months out; got out flight, hotel, and rent a car for under $900 for a 5 day stay. This will be our 3rd time to Vegas. Soon as we land we get car and drive straight to Walmart and get some bottles. Not much of a gambler but we budget 1 day for gambling, it’s more about the shows for us not to mention the food.

  6. Answer depends on a few things.
    1, miserable tight skinflints could probably get away with $10 – 15 per day, this will be enough for a Big Mac, a couple of bottles of water and fuck all else……… no entertainment apart from people watching
    2, a level higher would be $100 per day, enough for 2 Big Macs, 2 alcoholic drinks, 24 hour pass for Deuce Bus, this will let you get to Fremont St which will involve more people watching………. bizarre people there.
    3, over $200 per day, enjoy yourself, maybe eat something better than a Big Mac (what could be worse than those anyway), see a few attractions
    4, over $300 per day, as number 3 and take in a show or have a gamble
    5, over $400 per day, you'll have a ball
    6, over $500 per day, get either a good lawyer or reserve a decent hospital bed…………. my wife would either divorce me or try to kill me if she knew I had that amount of money to spend in Vegas!!!!

  7. Sandwich and fries while in Vegas ?😂 can you list the restaurant that charges 10-15 for a meal besides burger king ? People go to Vegas for the experience ! I go to vegas and I gladly spend 50+ dollars for a meal at the Wicked Spoon and am happy , I go for a week and I spend roughly 4-5k overall. Including hotel and fare and I do not gamble

  8. Just got back, think of it like this. 2 slices of pizza, $12. 12oz hotel coffee, $5.00. $10 bottle of wine in Veags, $40. They fuck you left and right there. Alcohol and food alone could run you over $300 easily for 2-3 days and thats without gambling and entertainment. The strip will fuck you. Try to find a CVS or something like for snacks and alcohol. Surprisingly, the dispenseries (Reef is good) were actually reasonable out there. Its not even worth it anymore. Take Uber and Lyft (like he said) and fuck the taxis – they charge over twice to three times what Uber does.

  9. Gamble in Vegas or anywhere else only on games that you understand very well. For me, it is craps and only if the minimum bet is five dollars with a 20X odds. There is very few places that would have this and Main Station is one of them. Gambling is for entertainment only and I have been very fortunate to be on the winning side, but if not, it is the expense of recreation in my budget. I allow from 200 to 700 dollars for gambling, when I go to Vegas and is strictly enforced.

  10. I was in Vegas three years ago for the first time and i will come back in spring next year. We are just thinking about flights and hotel so i just found your channel and those numbers match my spendings on the first trip pretty good.

    We fly in from Germany so the flight alone is pretty expansive, thats only worth it if you do use your time and spend the money on the things you really wanna do.

    I did spent about 1600€ (maybe 1800$) in seven days, so little more than 200 a day but we really did not look after money. We did everything we wanted to do. That included a lot of Poker for me, some shows, a lot of alcohol and a 200$ night in a stripclub. Obviously we did not eat at the most expansive places but not just cheap street food either. We bought a bottle of whiskey in a store and had some in our hotel rooms in one night and had nice cocktails at the hotel bar the other night. I would say a good mix of cheap and expansive stuff.

    So i think if you gambel but not at high roller places and your living an average persons lifestile 200$ a day will be a good estimate.

  11. how much money you need really depends on what you want to do and how long you are there. if you gamble bring more (or less) I typically need 400 a day no matter where I vacation too and I don't set a budget I cant afford. no point in going on a "vacation" if your going to stress about money the whole point is to enjoy yourself

  12. $20 trick. Book the cheapest room and when you check in, tip the clerk and you will often get a nice upgrade. I’ve saved hundreds on this.
    I’ve been to Vegas 5 times and everytime I have made profit. Poker pays for flight from Sweden, hotel, shows, food etc. Tip is to never ever play table games.
    People who play games they cant win must hate money.

  13. I went to Vegas and here is what I spent.
    1. Hotel on Strip 30$ a night. 140 with tax 3 nights ( Weekdays have amazing deals)
    2. Food. I spent 146$ in 3 days . I don't drink alcohol so add your amount here
    286.00 so far
    3. Shows: I watched 3 shows 100$ total ( 386.00 )
    4. I don't gamble
    5. Uber. 100$ ( 486$)
    6. Plane round trip ($ 220.00)
    Total: $706.00
    I suggest you save $1000 and go with friends. Split the cost. If you are on a budget. Don't go till you have $1000.00

  14. Vegas is a RIP off plain and simple. Plan on being raped for at least $500 per day just in hotel, parking fees, resort fees and food. Add another $250-500 for entertainment. Even more if you plan on gambling. So you can expect to be out $5k for just 4 days. I live here so I know how badly tourists are being reamed.

  15. Do Las Vegas cheap like I did-
    Stay at hotel that doesn't charge a BS resort fee
    Bring or buy your own alcohol.
    Meals suck tho $30+ a meal just don't tip and you basically get a free meal by not tipping.

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