How Republicans Are Funneling Money To Trump

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41 thoughts on “How Republicans Are Funneling Money To Trump”

  1. Greetings from Moscow 🇷🇺: Ana Kasparian please stop talking because your breath smells like raw sewage. I will send you all the rubles you need to fix that sewage breath problem of yours.

  2. This is as if Jimmy Carter refused to give up his peanut farm, and then the Democratic party bought millions of dollars worth of peanuts from his farm to serve as snacks at their political events. Outrageous.

  3. The king of Saudi Arabia used to come to the casino a long time ago Trump has casinos my uncle has a house on the boardwalk Trump wanted to buy his house and my uncle wouldn't sell his house he was old and they offer you a million dollars and he turns it down long-time you

  4. Yeah we take a beating it's hard to be conservative with somebody else's money like I always says he's people could have real jobs oh well educated academically job that they do basically part-time anyhow when they're in session and do that as a public service. State senators when they were elected to get a couple hundred jobs so they can pass out to their friends and family indicate one for themselves the page over $100,000 a year plus benefits plus whatever else they can steal beg and borrow

  5. Oh poor babies let's cry foul, are your panties in a bunch again? No still, wawawa, you dims scream elitist and over look how your elitist companies aid in your harassment, finance your defamatory lies, protect you from criminal behavior, so buckle up buttercups you are getting your own medicine. Except I hope you choke on it.

  6. I've said this from the absolute beginning: the presidency represents to Orange Man nothing less than a MONEY GRAB! He is undoubtedly the greediest president many of us every witnessed, and owed so much in back taxes and the Russians, he had slithered his way into office to steal America blind.

  7. Did anyone find that million dollars that AOC lost? I don’t care if he holds a rally at one of the properties that he used to own. I would care a bit if he spent hundreds of thousands of campaign money to buy copies of the art of the deal (something Bernie did with his book). Trump doesn’t get the money from Trump properties anymore. I assume he can stay and eat for free, but no income goes to him. And another thing, if you looked at one of his tax returns, like Maddow did, you wouldn’t learn much. I’m an accountant, i do a few hundred returns in a season. There’s nothing on that paper that will tell you that there’s fraud going on. The IRS catches you when you report something that doesn’t make sense (ex: a Schedule C that says you lost $500,000 but you didn’t even have a business last year), or someone else reported paying you, but you didn’t report the income.

  8. Despite orange fuhrer admitting he "listens" to people that give him money and holding events with his big donors, the cultists swear he's a self funding, business mastermind looking out for the interest of the common folk.

  9. Omg I can’t even listen to this sh** reporting. If it wasnt spent at trump hotels what hotels/properties would it be spent at & how much? Oh… it’s more? lol Why should it be spent other places if he is comfortable at his own properties? The man doesn’t take a paycheck. He hardly sounds like a crook. Meanwhile the Dems use taxpayer money to fund planned parenthood & planned parenthood turns around and makes a direct contribution to the dnc. If that’s not the most obvious scam out there. Trump financed his own campaign and his foundation saw less income while Clinton’s Obama’s somehow increased by millions on a salary that would make it an impossibility.

  10. "Donald Trump is not taking a salary in the White House because he doesn’t need it" (aka Trump U/the non-blind trust/6 bankruptcies/etc)
    I guess, you know how 'business' works?
    You don't take money on the front-end when the payoff on the back-end is much greater.
    Like, "an actor taking a low salary on a movie for back-end points, if the movie is a hit…" Doh!

  11. "Rob-u-cans, conservaDCKs, Reich-wingers" = HYPOCRISY!!!
    I'm sure if Obama was "pocketing" tax-payer money from golf outings…
    I'm sure if Hilary had been found "pocketing" tax-payer money for ANYTHING!
    Now, why do you still support Trump? As bigotry/racist/misogynist/stupidity have already been checked…

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