How To Buy Your First Rental Property (With Graham Stephan)

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21 thoughts on “How To Buy Your First Rental Property (With Graham Stephan)”

  1. Aside from Youtube, Nate, what are your sources of income? It looks like you are not in school, and I don't hear you talk about work. A video pulling the curtain back would be great!

  2. Wow!!! This is such an awesome video… I came from absolutely nothing after my husband died… I worked so hard for a lot of years and just by keeping up on all my bills and ended up with excellent credit .. Good credit is huge… I saved money and lived frugally… I decided I wanted to invest in real estate recently and talked to a lender who said they wouldn't lend to me because I'm not working right now… My oldest daughter died a few months ago so I didn't want to go back to my job in demolition because I still have my youngest daughter at home… I was devastated that I had enough money to invest and excellent credit but couldn't get a loan because I am not working right now… I was fortunate recently that I found a different lender who understands my situation and understands how I can leverage the money I have… Just yesterday I was able to make an offer in a 6 plex and I plan on making an offer on another soon… I'm really excited about finally seeing that I really can do something and watching your videos has really helped me to get out there and do something… I'm feeling really good about this now that I was able to get out if my rut and figure out how to make things work… You have been a true inspiration for me and I can't that you enough… BTW… I love your Avacodo toast society sweatshirt… I ordered 6 of them for myself friends and family and they love them! As always… Thank you so much for your excellent videos… You have truly helped me

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