How to Choose the BEST Travel BACKPACK | Pros & Cons Minimalist Backpack Review

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38 thoughts on “How to Choose the BEST Travel BACKPACK | Pros & Cons Minimalist Backpack Review”

  1. Can you hint some information on that light blue backpack which holds the tripod in some shots? Also: do you have any idea for a daypack which could be stowed in your main travel bag, but sturdy enough to hold some photo gear and tripod?

  2. I like the patagonia pbackpack but how the size of it is adjusted to be the maximum for carry on since every company has different regulations for carry on size we are forced to follow the rules of the most strict company so we can be sure for it. Actually this might be a good topic for a video after that confusion companies have created in order to differentiat from one another

  3. Excellent point not selecting a technical backpack and looking for one with a hip belt and trying it on instore first. Please consider pack weight and dimensions if wou are travelling budget airlines. If security is your jam then the perfect option could be Pacsafe Venturesafe's 45Litre pack – it's my go-to for India and Asia. It's horses-for-courses – some trips my wheeler trolley is a better option. Happy & safe travels.

  4. Unfortunately the Ospreys have a Prop 65 warning because of the foam used in its construction. Patagonia seems to be the only co. that doesn't have this warning on any of their bags. I love their clothes but prefer other co. backpacks with waist straps and more bells and whistles. Unfortunately no perfect bag.

  5. I like the utility of that Patagonia back but not digging the square look. An interesting segment of space though. I just traveled with the Tom Bihn Synpase 25 and am about to do a review on that. Have you used it at all? I know it's a little smaller than you recommend so it might be a no-go for you.

  6. Do either of you guys walk around with the front bag…? Alex….? About to embark on my 6 month trip around South America, and then will likely teach English abroad somewhere there or head to either Thailand or S Korea to teach. Farpoint is what I am looking at, probably 55 or 40 liter. Can you carry on 55 liter? Might try out Redwing Kelty at REI today. Purchased Motherload bag but no hip support is tough, right…?

    I mean …. It is not like we are going to be wearing these bags a lot outside of the airport, because your either in your hostel, on a bus, or on the plane and so your bag is not on your back.

  7. I’ve noticed you guys walking around a lot seeing the sights and what not with your big travel bags. Why…? Why wouldn’t you just take a day bag and leave your big bag at your hostel or hotel?

  8. Travelling carry-on only eith my MEI Voyageur for over 10 years. I find it much less restricting and so much easier to pack than the Osprey Farpoint 40. The MEI is sturdy, of excellent quality. I use packing cubes to be able to pack in it neatly. Also, they are made in the USA, and MEI’s customer service is second to none!

  9. Such a great example of your channels reach & influence. You could easily have turned this into a sponsored video but I really felt that you came across as genuine and you have actual solid advice from your experiences and really want people to buy the right backpack for themselves for their travels. Thanks guys

  10. Hi guys I'm a huge fan I have been following u from five or six years. I have a question: do u recommend Patagonia MLC 45L for a 3 weeks travel? Or I need something bigger? I'm very undecided among MLC Osprey 55 and Nomatic Travel Bag

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